Going for Golduck

"Golduck!" It quaked as it landed in the empty pool. My wailmer sighed as it realised it was dehydrating. Tony saw this too.

"Golduck, use Zen Headbutt" the duck lunged forward and smashed Wailmer in the head. My wailmer rolled around in the basin unable to do much.

"Wailmer use Heavy Slam" Wailmer jumped forward but barely tapped Golduck. Wailmer rolled and crashed into the basin "Use Hydro Pump!"

With its face towards the wall it fired itself backwards towards the surprised Golduck. This was like a heavy slam move only stronger.

"Golduck use Zen Headbutt!" Golduck was sandwiched between Wailmer and the wall. The headbutt was a guaranteed critical hit.

"Wailmer, no!" I cried. My best fighter was out and unable to battle. After that winning streak what were the odds of another brilliant fighter

"Go number 3" The pink balloon plopped into the battle field and almost cried. I almost cried. How could I win with an Igglybuff?

"Igglybuff, use sweet kiss!" Igglybuff blew a kiss towards Golduck who instantly swayed this way and that. Igglybuff may be helpful after all.

"Golduck use Hydro Pump!" the duck fired the jet upwards spraying the field in rain. Golduck was badly confused

"Igglybuff, use pound" my pokemon smashed Golduck in the face snapping it out of its confusion.

"Zen headbutt!" Golduck smashed my balloon pokemon from the current side all the way to the other side of the field.

"Igglybuff use copycat!" Igglybuff shot forward preparing for a headbutt.

"Catch it in your beak!" Igglybuff was stuck. She struggled and wriggled but couldn't break free. "Now use Hydro Pump!"

Igglybuff was blasted out of the battlefield and crashed down behind me. I returned her to her pokeball and sent out my next pokemon

"Seadra!" It roared as it crashed into the battlefield. 

"Use Dragon Pulse!" Seadra quickly fired its power towards the Golduck and hit the duck.    

The End

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