The winning whale

"Beartic, Beartic!" Tony roared as his pokemon remained underwater. Wailmer was submerged too and the battlers could hear fighting under the water.

"Wailmer come up!" I shouted. Almost instantly my pokemon shot out of the water with the Beartic clung on. Its icicle beard was stood in Wailmer's blowhole, "use Hydro Pump through your blowhole!"

Beartic was shot high into the sky with a critical hit. Wailmer waited anxiously as Tony recalled back the fainted Beartic. It was one a-piece.

"Go pokemon number 2" Tony ordered releasing his pokemon. It hovered above near Tony and glared at the Wailmer. "Baltoy, use Earth Power". Wailmer waited on the float as both it and I sensed trouble. The ground began rumbling. The field suddenly erupted sucking in all of the water and the float. Wailer blocked the hole rendering it stuck. "Now use extrasensory!"

Wailmer was struck by the psychic move and unable to defend itself. Baltoy moved in close preparing for another attack. "Wailmer use bounce" Wailmer wriggled and nudged and eventually shot out of the hole into the air "combo it with Dive"

Wailmer coated itself in water and shot down to the Baltoy. It was diving but from the sky. Baltoy dodged but the water still sprayed the ground-type pokemon. Baltoy crashed into the empty pool.

"Baltoy use extrasensory!" Tony roared

"Counter with Hydro Pump!" Wailmer blasted the jet of water and beat away the psychic beams. Baltoy was struck by Hydro Pump and collapsed to the floor. Wailmer had won.

"Baltoy return" Tony sighed "Now go my pokemon!"

"Feebas!" It sighed as Tony's face turned to horror. The feebas flopped into the empty pool and began floundering about. "Use Tackle". The feebas shot forward towards my Wailmer who caught the fish in his mouth.

 "Wailmer use Hydro Pump!" My pokemon blasted water out of its mouth with the Feebas with it. The fish crashed into the side of the pool and dropped.

"Feebas is unable to battle, Wailmer wins!" I was so tempted to jump and hug my Wailmer but Tony's next pokemon could be anything.

"Go pokemon 4" 


The End

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