First lucky draw

It was only as soon as I released the pokemon did I realise I was playing on a water field. I suddenly did not feel so confident.

"Stunky-St-St-St" my pokemon began thrashing about in the water. My Stunky eventually clambered onto one of the floats and shook its purple fur "Stunky"

"Now its my turn!" Tony roared choosing one of his pokeballs. Tony's Pokemon dived straight into the water and unlike my Stunky enjoyed it.

"BEARCTIC!" it roared jetting out of the water and perfectly landing on the float. Tony had a Bearctic, a new pokemon from Unova. My pokemon's stats flashed on the screen above Tony while Bearctic's flashed above my own head. This way we could see our pokemon's moves but not our opponents.

"Stunky use Night Slash" I commanded once the whistle was blown. My skunk pokemon lunged from its float and slashed the bear with its menacing darkness. My Stunky was then left stranded on the float with the Bearctic. I was stuck, or was I?

"Bearctic use Blizzard" the cold wind began blowing up as an idea shot into my head. I had to wait for the right moment. Just as Stunky was turning from purple to blue I ordered an Acid Spray attack.

The spray fired out at the blistering wind causing both attacks to fire at the Bearctic. The acid badly hurt the bear causing it to stumble off the float and into the water.

"Bearctic use Thrash" the float tipped up sending Stunky flying through the air. The bear pokemon than lunged out of the water and began attacking Stunky whilst still in midair. Stunky crashed down into the water whilst Bearctic landed on the float. Stunky did not come back up. It stayed at the bottom of the water and was declared unable to battle. I recalled Stunky and sent out my next pokemon

"Wailmer!" I cheered causing a tsunami as it crashed down into the water. This was going to be easy.

"Wailmer use Heavy Slam!" my ball whale pokemon fired out of the water striking the bear directly in the chest. The float tipped up and Bearctic sunk to the bottom.

The End

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