Out of it

What the hell was wrong with me? Okay, from now on I'm staying away from this girl. She made me act slightly out of character, Jack luckily was the only one who noticed. It was only slightly but I had to get in form and that meant flirting with someone else. I never showed interest in anyone. Thats who I was. Right now, there was only one option for me out of this dilema.

Kate, I had to get Kate to see me while I was with Melody. Wait, wasn't it Music next. She was in that lesson. I left the classroom for English forcing myself not to glance at Melody. I had done that twice this lesson while deep in thought about what the hell was happening in my head.

"Um, Ray..." Melody mumbled tapping my shoulder. I turned to look at her. Everyone was moving about getting their instruments. Me? I was taking a seat at the grand piano like always. As I looked at Melody I felt my heartbeat jump a bit. She looked so panicked. So innocent. Thats when Kate came over and fell into my lap wrapping her arms around my neck.

"Oh, Rayee" she sang snuggling her face in my neck. Melody was unable to hold back her look of pain. Kate sat up properly and finally looked at her. "Who are you?"

Melody opened her mouth to speak but I jumped in. "She's just a new housemate" I said to Kate calmly. I pushed her off my lap and she pouted.

"Why you so mean to me? Oh, by the way new girl. Two rules. One, I'm the queen bee what I say goes. And Two, no one and I mean no one can touch Ray" she said with a smile. "Bye"

She then skipped/strut/walked off. Melody simply turned and walked away. That was one problem solved but then... why did I feel so sad?

The End

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