Period One

After Ray shut the door, I placed my drink on the bedside table and collapsed on my bed. What was going on? First he appeared in my dream, then I meet him here, and then the weird firework thing happened under the Sakura tree. What next? He'd just brought me a drink which he'd made so that that he would take time off to see me... Did...Did I have a crush on Ray? No, I'd only known him for a couple of days, and he can be cocky and rude at times...But why do I feel this way about him then? I drifted off to sleep wondering about my dilemmas.


A sharp ringing noise woke me up in the morning, and I sleepily rolled over and looked at me clock. 9:45?! How did it get that late - fifteen minetes until first period! I quickly got myself ready then grabbed my timetable.


1. English

2. Music


3. General Science


4. Harp

5. Theory

That wasn't too bad, but I did hate Theory. It was so boring! I got my hoodie and walked out, straight into Ray.

"Oh, hey, what do have first?" He asked.

"I've got English, what about you?" I said, desperately trying not to blush.

"Same, let me see your timetable?"

I passed it to him as he got his out and compared.

"We've got the exact same lessons today! You little stalker. Can't get enough of me, can you?" He grinned, "Come on, walk with me."

I tried to tell him the truth but he just smiled and agreed sacastically. We were walking in silence for a while when he stopped outside a door. Our classroom. He led the way in and walked to his seat, chatting with his friends, who were teasing him. About me.

I looked around, unsure about what to do, when the teacher walked in. She had a short black bob, and glasses that complimented her face.

"Oh, are you the new student? I'm Miss Elverwood. Now, Melody is it? You can sit... Over there inbetween Charlotte and Ray." She said, pointing.

I went to sit down and saw Ray's face, but I couldn't read it. It was as though he was torn between two things. I gave him a small smile and sat down, then Cahrlotte immediately started talking to me. I wasn't listening though, I was thinking about Ray. I got given a new book that I wrote my name on, then stole a glance at him. He was laughing and talking with his friends, but I saw him glance at me a couple of times. Then Miss Elverwood started talking so we had to quiteten down.

The End

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