Music within the heart

I felt strange around Melody. Sure I was still my charming, calm and seductive self but she gave me shivers that took so much concentration to contain. I wasn't ever like this not since... No! Don't think of. Why was I even stupid to almost think of her? It was Melody. She was reminding me of her. The old her.

No, Melody wasn't her and she never would be. I was in my dorm room second floor across from what I had discovered was Melody's room. My fingers were travelling across the strings of my guitar abstant-mindedly. I felt cold all of a sudden and looked at my clock to notice the time. I hated monday's. I had no lessons unlike everyone else. People found that weird. I found it weird but it was only because I had stalked to far ahead with complete lessons.

I rose from my perch on my bed resting my guitar back on its stand in the corner. I headed out pulling my jacket on as I walked down the stairs. I stretched which is the moment Melody walked in through the door. Her eyes went straight to the bar skin of my chest before she blush then looked up. With a cough she scurried passed me and up the stairs. I shrug and headed toward the kitchen where I made two cups of hot chocolate with cream and marshmellows. I carried them upstairs and knocked on Melody's door.

She answered and looked from the hot chocolate to me. "Do you want it?" I asked with a smile. I allow her to take the hot chocolate before turning to cross to my room.

"Thank you" she whispered behind me before I heard the click of her closing door. I smiled and returned to my room.

The End

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