Under The Sakura Tree


I cast a glance back at Ray, who was looking at me. He flashed a smile at me then turned away and walked off. I blush lightly and follow the maths teacher to his classroom. He told me to sit down and then handed me two timetables.

"Don't worry, both of them have harp and music lessons on. And the curriculum lessons - maths, english and sicence." He told me. I looked at them both. They were very similar but both had their positive's and negative's. I decided on the second one.

"I'll have the second one please, sir." I said, handing him the other. He nodded and gestured to the door. I walked out and went back to the dorm, to find it empty. Oh well. I sat down on the bed and flicked through my harp book. Soon, it was dark, so I went to bed, wondering about ray.


I woke up to see the sun was shining outside, pouring through the window, making the room boiling hot. I stood up, got ready and decided I'd go for a wonder.

Walking around the large lake, I started to softly sing. The water glistened like diamonds as the sun bounced off it, and the grass looked almost like sweets - every blade was perfect! After strolling along for a bit, I came to a Sakura tree with a bench underneath. I was so picturesque, I loved it. I sat down on the bench and looked up. The white sun was half-blocked by the branches of the Sakura, with the pink flowers looking as though they were about to fall off.

As though my mind was being read, a couple of the flowers fluttered off the branch, on to my lap. Still singing, I looked out over the lake, unaware of Ray behind me.

"You should take singing lessons." He said, leaning on the tree.

"Ray! Since when were you there? And no, I'm not taking singing lessons. I'm rubbish." I told him, standing up.

"No, you're not." He said, ingoring my first question,"you're just a bit flat, that's all."

"Pfft! A bit! Anyway, how about you? Do you sing? Or just play guitar?"

"I play guitar AND piano actually. And no, I don't sing."

"Piano? Cool, we should do a duet sometime." I said, swinging on the trunk of the Sakura.

"Okay, IF you're good enough." he smirked.

"As a matter of fact, I'm grade 6 on harp, so it should be the other way round."

"Grade 7. Easy as pie." He said, leaning in to me. I laughed and looked straight into his eyes and didn't look away for a couple of minutes. As we locked eyes, something happened. I don't know what, but it was like a load of fireworks went off inside me. I could tell the same thing happened to Ray.

"Well, erm, I'd better go." I stuttered, feeling myself go bright red.

 "Okay then. Bye!" He answered, slautering off.

I looked back to see him staring at me, still walking. I blushed again and went to see if my harp had arrived from home - it had to be delivered.

The End

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