The new dorm mate

Okay, so I was freaked out that she, the girl from my dream, was here. It caused me to be deep in thought all day. Everyone noticed of cause. I mean I was Ray Hastly. The guy that all the girls were attracted to. The bad boy. The charmer. The heart breaker that still was desired.

I took a walk after classes hoping to prolong seeing most of my closer friends back at the house. Jack was my closest friend but unfortunately he was in another house. I had decided to take my guitar back to the dorm today and found a rythm flowing through my head. I reached the house and sat down on the wall, pulling out my guitar. I let my fingers roam pulking the tune that had just been in my head. I felt my eyes close as I play my head lowered as if I was looking towards my fingers.

"That's beautiful" a voice whispered. My head shot up and I met those stormy grey eyes. My fingers stopped moving and my heart started pounding. She didn't speak or move but drew in a slight breath between her teeth before letting it out shakily. "You're a talented guitarist" she continued smiling.

Her smile lit her entire face up making her grey eyes stand out more against her pale skin. "Thank you" I finally reply. I had turned to pack my guitar away as she gasped. I looked back wondering why but she was pushing a strand of hair back behind her ear while looking at the gravel path. I finished packing up my guitar. "Are you new? I saw you in the reception"

She nodded seeming to relax at the thought of a normal conversation. "Yes, I'm.." she looked up at the boarding house. "I was just making my way over. Is this the Tunes Boarding House"

I nodded and held out my hand. "I guess that makes us house mates"

"Wait, guys board here as well as girls?" she said stumbling over her words. I chuckled moving my unshaken hand to open the gate up to the house for her.

"Mixed boarding here at the Tunes. Seperate rooms and bathrooms though, of course" I said. She moved past me going through the gate and I followed her pulling it shut behind me.

"Isn't that a bit unusual and.."

"What?" I questioned curious. A light blush touched her cheeks.


I let a laugh excape my lips. "There are rules in place" I said with one of my famous smiles. The guys say that it makes the girls thoughts scatter and there hearts pound. As I watched this girls puzzled expression and heard her racing breath. I actually started to believe it.

"Uh, what was your name again?"

"You didn't ask"

"Well, I'm Melody"

"Ray" I said as we stepped into the house.

"Ah, Melody!" called the house master and also maths teacher. "You're here"

"I'll see you later, Melody" I said smiling again at her and headed for the stairs. "House Master" I added with a curt nod as I passed him.

The End

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