I got out of the taxi with my mother and father and cautiously made my way up the stone steps, pausing to look at the building. It was beautiful - a big stone building with about 100 windows, and when I looked inside I saw the reception area (already incredible!), and a huge grand staricase, leading up to the dorms.

I walked in and almost gasped - it was amazing! I made my way to the reception desk and handed in my "New Student" slip of paper. The clerk told me to wait by the chairs so I smiled and wandered over with my shoulder bag. It contained all my things for overnight, as well as my harp music and a book to read. I decided to stand up so that I could have a clear look around; there was paintings on the walls and lots of students wandering around.

My parents were talking to each other beside me, but I was in my own little world. My sixth sense kicked in as I felt someone look at me. I looked around and saw a boy aroud 17. He had copper-coloured hair and ice-cold blue eyes, staring at me, looking shocked.

I glanced him up and down... It couldn't be... The boy from my dream... As I looked at his face, his eyes met mine. I gave a small gasp and, at the same time, he looked as though he'd seen a ghost.

The boy quickly looked away and headed off to the reception desk, as I was ushered into the headmasters office. I tried to glance back, but he wasn't looking.

The End

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