School of Music

I didn't want to go to school. I knew I had to and luckily school started up at 10. It was great attending a music school. Yes, you had to board but that just made it all the more fun like the one back at Jack's boarding house a couple of days ago. The Sabers, I think they are called.

I live with the Tunes. Yes, the name was cheesy but I liked the fact it was one of two mixed boardings out of the twenty in total. I whistled as I cross the large courtyard from my boarding towards the school. It was mainly grass circle, trees and flowers defining the edge. Then a circle of path around it and then another path coming from the top of the circle down through the grass to a fountain in the centre. The fountain itself was made of marble and had various sculptures.

When I reached the steps up to the school I stopped and looked up. It was how you would expect any posh boarding school to be. So steriotypical with its stone walls with victorian sculpturing. Then the grand steps of stone with banisters leading up. I smiled and made my way up the steps. I headed for the reception having to hand in my new slip.

Then I froze. A girl with beautiful black hair sat in the waiting area a mother and father either side of her. I'd guess she would be about 15 which put her in the year below me, having only turned 17 this academic year.

"Melody Sharp" my attention was yanked from her by the call from the headmistress office and I watched the small family stand. I looked back at her face and froze. Eyes like stormy skys met mine and she seemed to be stunned as well but I immediatly looked away heading to the reception desk. I lent against it for a moment though once the door she left through was shut.

It couldn't be her.... could it?

The End

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