An Ordinary Day; And A Flyer


As I got ready for school, all I could think about was that dream. I got my breakfast and started eating, my fingers plucking the "air-harp" as my mum called it. Who was he? Did he mean anything? Was he even a real person? Questions like that were going through my head all the time, as though someone had cast a spell on me. I grabbed my shoulder bag and skipped out the door, shouting goodbye after me.

I wandered to school singing, even though I was no good at it. When I got there, I was fifteen minutes early so, grinning, I ran to the music rooms. I went down the corridor to the end and walked into my favourite practice room - it had a piano, a harp, a cello and a guitar. I sat down on the stool and started to play the harp. Soon, I was lost in my own world, oblivious to anything going on around me. Bringing me out of my daydream, the bell rang.

Crap! I'm late! I thought, and ran through the school to my formroom. I burst into the room, earning a few sniggers from all the "popular's".

"Sorry I'm late, Sir." I said as I walked to my desk, keeping my head down.

"It's okay Melody, just remember that form starts at 8:45 not 8:50." Mr. Johannan said with a curt nod of his head.

Time flew by and then, after Maths, Games, English, Science and Music, it was the end of the day. I walked out the school gates and said bye to my friends. I was wandering down the quiet street to my house, singing, when I came across a flyer on the pavement. I looked around to see if anybody had dropped it but there was noone, so I picked it up.

"Gareth Crystal's School of Music"  read the title. A school of music?  I read on:

"Here at Gareth Crystal's School of Music, we let students from age 8-18 explore their musical talent.

28 Hereath Street, York, England.

Phone:17634 986435

Fax: 388-846-823


I smiled. A school of music, right up my street. If it didn't cost too much I might be able to go. It was going to take some serious persuading though.

The End

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