Strange and Frankly Freaky

A girl. Falling.  Black hair cascaded around her flicking. Fluttering. Snapping out like whips in the breeze.

Then a picnic. Wait, what was happening? There was a fleeting smile then....

I shot up to a sitting position. I gasp my breathing heavy. I looked around the unfamiliar room then a sharp pain shot through my head. "Okay, I remember now" I groan. I look down at the girl lying next to me, her body hidden beneath the covers.

I find myself smiling slightly as I stand up and begin to leave. I find Jake in the kitchen already cleaning up in nothing but boxers. "Jake!" I called.

He groaned gripping his head as he turned to face me. "Don't shout"

I chuckled. "I'm gonna go" I say gesturing to the door.


I raise my eyebrow and he gestures at the stairs. "What?" I question.

"Another one? You're gonna just leave her?"


"You're an arse" Jake says shaking his head. "You get every girls attention. Use 'em. Then just dump 'em after you're finished with them. When you gonna get over Kate"

I felt a heavy weight on my shoulders and I looked at the floor. "I don't know, Jake. See ya"

I turned and left. Strangely, Jake's words make me think about the girl in my dream. Her eyes like a stormy sky, so... happy... alive.

The End

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