The Love Of Music


I was falling. Falling through the air. Clouds flew past me, as did birds. I flew through some trees, into a wheat field. Not wanting to land, I threw my arms out and started steering. I directed myself through a field of cows then another wheat field. Then, just as quickly as I was able to, I was falling again, unable to steer myself to safety. But I didn't have to. There was a picnic rug and some food below me, and then I was caught. I looked around and saw a boy; he looked older than me but only by a couple of years, and had spiked, messy copper coloured hair, bright blue eyes and a cute smile. He put me down and I dusted my summer dress free of dust. I sat down and looked up at the summer sky - blue depths with a few wispy white clouds, and the bright summer sun. I glanced at the sun, wincing and the brightness. Suddenly, there was darkness.

It was all just a dream.

"Who was he?"

The End

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