Decisions and Choices

Bob looked toward the heavens, and then back to the stark concrete wall. He walked up and down in front of the wall, giving it the odd, frightened glance.  This was his big chance to prove himself as a painter.  To prove to all those that had doubted him all those years ago.  Did he now doubt himself? 

Susan and Carla eyed Bob curiously, waiting for him to give them the lead.  Carla let out a long audable yawn.

"Come on Bob, I have to be home to cook dinner you know" she said sounding brassed off with events.  "Perhaps we should start by giving the wall a base colour of white or something..." she sugested more gently.

"Yes, yes!" Bob interjected "that was just the very thought I was having". "And" he thought to himself  "it will give me some time to get my head together and decided how to go about this."

"We should go into town and buy the paint right now - I can't wait to get staarted on my mural."

Bob drove their old beat up Austin back down the winding road toward the town centre, carefully changing gears so as to avoid the graunching that normally accompanied his driving.  The dirty green car was now well known in the town and many people waved out as they went past.  Bob was thrilled to have so many new friends - who would have thought....

In the paint store the manager hastened to serve them.  Bowing slightly as he  he smarmingly greeted them.  "Bob, Susan, lovely to see you today.  Susan, I do believe you look younger every time I see you.  How can I assist you this afternoon?"

"I need white paint to cover a concrete wall prior to painting my mural" Bob boasted.

"Ahh I see... any, er, idea what sort of paint you might need?" the manager asked, seeing a chance to make some real money for a change.

"No, no, not too sure any more things have changed over the last 25 years since I painted my last mural"  Bob replied unwisely.

"Yes, they certainly have." The manager inocently retorted. "You would want the very best quality to preserve and protect your investment of course?"

"Of course." Bob nodded as he visably puffed himself up importantly.

"Come right this way Sir," the manager said as he walked quickly ahead of them.  "Now this paint," he informed them, carefully palming the $9.99 price ticket, "is on special this week only, at only $99.90 - a huge bargin at half the price."

"Indeed, indeed, a real bargin," Bob started, sounding excited at the prospect of buying his paint.

"You will be needing colours as well.  How about I get together all the base colours and a selection of brushes. I will send them over to your home with the account? You will of course need to take the white with you today, 6 cans, or 8? " The manager enquired not giving Bob a chance to think or have any input.

"Oh, er, umm," Bob stuttered feeling suddenly out of his depth.

"How about I pop ten in a box to be safe?"


The End

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