Chapter 12 : Reunion

Francis Myre

Francis” she replied with a sigh, “You weren’t and never shall be my brother. You weren’t when my father took you in” She took a step closer to him, “And you certainly aren't after what you did” Francis studied her with squinted eyes.

Then why did you allow my freedom?” he asked and she snorted at him.

You aren't free, your chained to the government idiot. And the only reason I gave this offer to you out of the five virtues down there is because I want to know why” She replied, knowing he understood her question.

You know why, you weren’t deaf Amber. You know what he did to me” Francis said, holding her blue gaze.

What do you mean? You suffered nightmares-” She was interrupted as Francis erupted with laughter, it was cold and harsh though.

Nightmares? Was that the story you got fed?” He asked, a glint in his eye suggesting he was losing what control he had over his emotions.

Your the idiot Amber. The biggest mistake I made was showing that, that...” He searched his mind for the right word, “Monster! what I could do” Amber gulped and waited for him to continue.

You don't want to know Amber. He was sick and twisted. Trust me when I say I did the world a favour when I drove that poisoned dagger into his side” Amber flinched at the mention of the dagger, her expression flinted through various emotions as her mind tried to decide if she should believe this dark-haired stranger she had grown up with.

Training starts tomorrow” Amber finally said stiffly, “Then in a months time when your body should be recuperated you'll be sent on your first mission” She finished, her eyes growing shiny,

Now please go” Amber said, her voice breaking slightly at the end. Francis walked towards the door without a second glance. Amber just didn't know what to think anymore as she watched his frame go. Francis ignored the stab the sound of her quiet sobs caused as he walked back to his room. It was easy to remember the route from her office, even if he had first been dragged along it.

Francis endured training the next day and the day after, and the day after that. He honed in on the skills he already had and began developing new ones. In the month of training and rebuilding his body he didn't see Amber once. Then his last day before he was to be sent to unlimited HQ she was there, waiting in the archway that separated the training grounds from the barracks building.

Just answer me one question” She said as he approached her. He shrugged, wiping sweat from his brow as he did.

Why didn't you tell me anything?” She asked, her eyes watching his every move, she would know if he attempted to lie, so Francis told her the truth.

I was scared, and I didn't want you to know such things about your father” He replied. Amber breathed deeply.

Thank you” she asked before walking away. Francis had no doubts. He was never seeing her again. The next day he set out on foot, he had been given a small amount of money and had been told if he didn't reach the HQ within three days, he would hunted down as a virtue. The word sounded foreign to him. When he first discovered his ability growing up he didn't worry about it. He knew of the gifted, he was ready and willing to join them. But Lexington messed everything up. Now he felt like he couldn't trust anyone. He just hoped they would allow him to work alone. Because he had a feeling he wouldn't like anyone they might attempt to team him up with.

The End

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