Chapter 11: slow rise to consciousness

Kathrin Taylor

The woman at the door was beautiful. She had long, wavy blonde hair, a perfect, soft expression and kind blue eyes. Her voice a soft whisper which raised unexpected chills of fear up and down Kathrins body.

"Kathrin Taylor. I have a dept to finish with you." The woman said. Memory's spiked, coming close to being remembered but, at the last moment just before Taylor could grasp a firm hold, they would vanish into the dark depths again.

who is she? Why is she making our body feel like this? Water asked suspiciously, making Kathrins body shiver.

"Who are you? do we know you?" Kathrin asked automatically.

"I am so sorry. I had to give the elements control. You were to much hassle. To weak. To many emotions clouding over your duty." The woman said sounding like she meant it but the eyes were laughing.

"Who are you and what do you mean? Kathrin has never had a convioisness of her own. She is a vessel for us." Kathrin said, repeated what Fire was saying word by word.

"No. You are quite incorrect. She used to have control over you. She was to kind. We altered all your memory's so the elements had full control. The war is over now. I will give her her control back now." The woman said calmly. Fear sparked through all four elements but a tiny hidden part jumped with exitment.

"You think we are going to allow that? For her to control us?" Anger and defiance made Fire take control. It made Kathrins fists clench and then, unclenchimg, they burst into flame. Fire made Kathrins arms move up, aiming for the woman. "We are stronger than any petty human. We will not allow a human to control us." Fire raged.

It pointed a finger at the woman, a finger of flame ran from Kathrins body to the woman who just laughed and waved a hand. The flames went out.

How did she do that? She can't have control of us.Earth exclaimed incredulously.

Maybe she has. You never know...Water added in calmly.

No. She has control over people's body's. Their minds. Everything. A new voice said. It sounded tired but strong. Fear was swelling from it.

Who are you?The four elements asked as one.

"I am Kathrin Taylor. I am the true owner of this body and I take control back. The new voice said. Do loud, the open mouth of the vessel echoed it. The woman smiled.

"At last. My grand daughter has returned"

The End

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