Chapter 5: Note

Mariette Sommer

In the deep forest, a bit further than normal from the Unlimited HQ, lay a small town by the name of Dolores. There was not much advancement there as there had been in the great cities.

It was such a bleak, small, and poor town. The homes were a mix of ragged tents and fallen cottages and sheds. There was a “market place” that made up most of the town which was where most people were nowadays. There were “streets” formed in which the vendors all lined. Much of the items sold were food since Dolores had many hunters that passed through all the time and gave some meat to butchers in exchange for money. Other people sold warm clothing that came in handy for the harsh winters. Some had nick-knacks but they usually didn’t sell many. 

After the market are a few cafes and then the bar. Somehow the town had only managed to survive through this sole place. It was very large and was built around many trees to serve as the support systems. The travelers that passed through all stayed at the bar over night that just happened to have a few small rooms in the back to be considered the “inn”. 

And it was there in one small room that Marie stood with her belongings. She was getting ready to head back to the Unlimited HQ after her most recent mission. This one had taken longer than any other one had but the job was done. 

A bit of moonlight flew in through the window and outlined her thin and tall figure in the doorway. Though it quickly dissolved as she passed through it.

Heading down the hall and to the main room Marie could hear the many, many voices of drunken laughter and stupidity. As she walked into the large, candle-lit room she heaved a great sigh. She passed by the overflowed tables of people and only gave glances. 

All around many hunters and townsfolk toasted for no specific reason. Here and there were a few people passed out and breathing heavily. In different parts of the room some strung guitars and banjos to make folk songs in which most danced to. 

Everything started to ring in Marie’s ears. Just as she was about to flee out the door a boy stepped in front of her. He was a rather small thing with ragged clothes and shaggy brown hair with grimy skin. He looked about half his age as far as Marie could tell. She realized that he was only a messenger boy from a few towns over because of the mail badge on his left arm.

“You must be Mariette Sommer. Thank god I finally found you!” He said with relief. 

“Yes, and what can I do for you?” She folded her arms across her chest and looked down at the boy.

It was obvious he was intimidated. He shrunk down a bit and sweat began to form on his brow. “W-w-w-well...” He stuttered. Slowly he took out a wrinkled piece of paper from inside his shirt. “A woman by the name of Celeste asked me to give this to you. She said you know what to do.”

Marie raised an eyebrow as the kid shakily handed her the paper. She opened it and found two names scratched down that were barely eligible to anyone except herself. She sighed and shoved it in her pocket. 

As she was moved for the door the boy stepped aside to let her pass. Silently she disappeared into the night. 

The End

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