Chapter 1: A visitor

Kathrin Taylor

Sitting here I take in a breath and relax at the smell of the newly grown grass. A faint breeze made my golden blonde hair flutter around my smiling face.

From within the house behind me I hear my two adopted kids arguing. Quickly deflating my calmed state.

Giving a groan of annoyance, I get up and head back in my small house, stopping at the door  and waving my hand, the grass recliner I had been sitting on, molds back into the ground.

I head up the stairs and listen to the elements argue inside me.

we should punish them. Set them on fire, the element of Fire raged angrily.

No. That is mean. We should put them in a cage all night in punishment, Earth replied, just as angry.

No. Both of you are to mean. Just tell them off and go back out. the ever mellow voice of Water said peacefully.

Umm no. You are too kind, Earth spoke up. Just as I arrived at the boys door.

"Boys? What are you arguing about? I could hear you out the back." I said as I opened the door. They were sitting on the floor, one sweet in between them.

"Alec says he should have the last one because he is the youngest." Sam  complained, glaring at his 8 year old brother.


"Well I should." Alec replied, close to tears.

Take it yourself, Fire hissed at me. I knelt down beside the boys and picked up the sweet.

"I know how to solve this." I told them. I put the sweet in my mouth.

"That's cheating!" the two said together and then burst out laughing.

Tere. Sorted. Let's go back outside, Water pleaded. All four elements agreed so I got up and left the room.

As I passed the front door, it was knocked from the other side so I went to it and opened. Te woman on the other side did not coincide with any of the people I knew in this town. Which is everyone.

I frowned.

"Hello. I need help." the woman said.

The End

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