Vamp AttackMature

Billie Jayson.

Fighting alongside Ash makes me feel like it is old times, moving my body to dodge the vampires attacks, my mind wanders to what the other Mike said.

“I know where Jade is.”

Jade. I’ve been so focused on making sure that my Mike got his powers back so that we can be happy together that I forgot to think of Jade. What is happening with the whole two Mikes thing? And who is that girl who one of the Mikes seem to be protecting? Why does she think that she can be that close to him? He’s mine!

Was mine.

Or is he still?

Jumping slightly in the air I spin low when my feet land on the floor, I knock out one of the vampires legs, my foot instantly on his throat as I raise my hand to his face. Feeling the books power overwhelm me, black smoke attacks the vampire. My skin is engulfed in the blue light of the book, protecting me, as the vampire under my foot withers away, his body decaying at an alarming rate.

I can feel my eyes glow as around me, the ones who I love are fighting for their lives.

A snarling face hisses at me, her bloodlust eyes glaring as she dribbles down her fangs. “Give me the book and you will die less painfully. Slightly.”

“Not a chance bloodsucker!”

The angry snarl erupted from the female vampire.

The sounds of fighting fills my ears, I can hear the various grunts of pain but I don’t have time to see if my comrades are okay as the female vampire descends on me.

The air around me becomes sparse as the she-pire raises her hand towards me.

“Now, give me the book and then you can die quicker.” Her beady red eyes glint as she licks her lips.

I glare at her, feeling myself turning invisible.

Silently moving my body, I quickly go behind her for a sneak attack. A loud cackle escapes her lips. “Now, now, little bug. Your tricks won’t work on me.” My body goes rigid, my eyes wide. Smiling wickedly, she turns towards me, her hand grabbing my arm tightly. What? How did she know?  

The air pressure around me becomes stronger, weighing me down as the air crushes my bones. As I struggle to breathe, my vision becomes hazy, her wretched face coming closer to mine.

“You should have just given me the book bitch.” She hisses in my face ashes becomes blurred.

I can hear my friends but I can’t make out what they are saying.

Gritting my teeth, I focus all of my energy, all of my last remaining strength to reach my hand up to her pale face. Shadows escape my hand, seeping into her skin, darkening as it spreads, flashing between visibility and invisibility.

She screams out in pain as the darkened flesh drips from her face as the shadows poison her from the inside out.

The air pressure around me weakens as the female vampire decays rapidly before me, holding onto the stake Ash gave me, I ram it into her heart.

A furious cry comes from my right as fire erupts into me, making me fly into the nearby wall.

My vision blackens as the angry figure reaches down at picks up something large. A limp body is thrown over his arm. My heart tightens. Who does he have?

I feel lost. Powerless. Just like I was before all of this ever happened.

“My… book…”

The deep darkness takes me over.    

The End

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