A night at the theatreMature

Ash Rivers

“You lead me here of all places?” I whisper to nature and I gazed upon the abandon theatre, “well hope I haven’t missed the start.”

Crashing noises, screaming and people shouting echoed around the building. I skipped past the ticket office and opened the main theatre doors.

To say I was confused would be an understatement.

Billie was there and something didn’t seem right by the staggered way she was standing. But it was the person standing next to her I couldn’t understand, because his power was building and it looked familiar…like…Mike? I dashed down the walkway almost knocking Billie over whose eyes were looking gazed over before she saw me concerned and confused. Then I saw two other people, a woman and Mike?

My head snapped back to the guy holding the electric power, it was Mike…but Mike died…maybe something happened like me with the angel…but if that’s true then who was this other Mike? Did he have a twin? Why didn’t he tell us, bring out the family album? I glanced back at Billie she was just as puzzled as me looking at the other Mike with the tense looking woman.

“I know where Jade is!” Other Mike suddenly says, I stumble back holding on to a nearby chair. No… this can’t be happening he didn’t just say that.

Billie moves forward saying something I didn’t catch but was heading straight for this other Mike.

“We meet again,” Mike said under his breath and I could feel his power growing aiming towards the other Mike…and Billie was heading straight towards him!

“Billie!” I shouted running to grab her and growl to myself seeing the woman clinging to other Mike’s arm which was not going to help things.

“Get your fucking hands of Mike!” She says as I pulled her by the arms holding her back.

“Billie, come back here now!” Other Mike shouts, Billie flinches in my hands.

“Calm down,” I say but it was useless, emotions were running high and everyone was confused the two Mike’s glared at each other.

“What the hell is going?” Billie asked stressed staring at everyone.

Then they appeared. Deathly white faces, evil cunning red eyes, gleaming sharp fangs and snarling sound bounced off the wall.

“I think we best leave this conversation for now,” I unknot my tie and loosen a few buttons.

Within a blink of an eye they attacked, I pulled two stakes from my jacket and ran straight towards them. I throw one at vampire who was coming at me head one and snapped his neck as I past him. I was knocked to the ground by a female, she jump on top of me aiming for neck, moving my legs I kicked her off and she turned snarling then an electric blast came towards her then she was gone.

“Thanks Mi- er,” both Mike’s were close by…oh this was getting annoying now.

Something pulled me to side away from the fight that something was Billie who reappeared and we stared at each other for a moment before I pulled her into a hug.

“Just like old times,” I say remembering how we first meet. “Do you know what’s going on?”

“I brought him back Ash,” Billie smiled, “for real.”

“There’s only one Mike, so who the hell is this guy?” I point to the Mike that was doing some pretty cool moves and shooting his power at the same time.

“I…my Mike is that one…wait no it’s…” Billie watched each Mike, they were wearing different clothes and yet you couldn’t tell them apart.

“Let’s just kill these vampires and then we can figure it out,” Billie grabs my arm as I walk away.

“That…other Mike he said he knew where Jade was…what happened to her?”

I couldn’t look at her and I bent my head remembering, “she’s dead I couldn’t’…”

“Ash? But how?”

“I don’t know what to believe,” I take another stake from my suit jacket and hand it to her, “just in case.”






The End

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