Power Surge.Mature

Billie Jayson.

Opening the pages of the book, my hands skim over the aged paper. Smiling slightly, my eyes scan the words until I find what I am looking for.

"Mike, give me your hand. I am going to need to take some blood to do this spell."

"What spell?" His voice is harsh and cold but I don't flinch this time, I can't be scared. Not when I am holding the book. I feel too powerful for that. Looking into his face, I my smile brightens as I grab his hand. The book whispers to me, the soft blue light emerges from the book, wrapping itself around my arms, hugging me like a long lost friend.

"The spell to give you back your abilities requires a vampire fang. That fang must be from a live vampire so the vermin stays in the system, fuelling it with power. To find a vampire I need to take some blood of those who have  spent a lot of time around them, and considering our history, I guess we qualify." He shrugs, allowing me to prick his finger.

I watch as the blood drops onto the pages, disappearing into the ink. The blue light expands, growing stronger, becoming restless. The power flows through me, causing my power to expand.

Pricking my finger, I let the blood drop down onto the page too, my eyes closed as the wind around me picks up. The howling of the wind fills my ears, consuming me, as the words flow fluently from my mouth.

My eyes snap open, the yellow shines bright golden, clashing with the blue light. My smile expands as I breath in the blue power. Getting onto my feet, I walk gracefully away from the forest, walking effortlessly as if flying.

“Wait! Where are you going? Answer me Billie! Don’t walk away from me-” As Mikes hand reaches out to grab my arm, the blue light slaps him away, a smoky mist grabbing Mike hard. The grip of the smoke tightens around him as I raise my eyebrow. I can see in his face that he is struggling to keep the façade of being in control.        

“We are going to find you that vampire fang. Then we can be together, powerful and strong. Nothing will ever be able to hurt or separate us.” I smile at him brightly, wanting Mike to be as happy and excited as me. I wish he can be happy like we used to be.

He corners of Mikes lips twitch upwards as his face widens into a large toothy smile. Mike reaches his hand to my cheek, cupping it and stroking my skin with his thumb.

“I want that for us Billie.” Mike brings his body close to mine, his other hand cups my face. My eyes widen and my heart beats faster. “I don’t want to ever lose you. I want to always be by your side.” Bringing his face down, his lips touch mine. Pulling him closer, our kiss deepens.

Breaking the kiss, we both come up for air, smiling largely at each other. Looking into Mikes eyes, I can tell that we are both getting lost in each other as he holds me tighter against him. The book hums in between us, as if together we are bring out more of its power.

Grabbing Mikes hand, I follow the trail that the book created, knowing that together we are he only ones who can see it.   



Getting out of the car, I shiver, knowing that we are close to receiving the last thing we need to be forever happy.  

“An old theatre. Fitting.” Mike smiles squeezing my hand.

Stroking the cover of the powerful book lovingly, I put it safety in my backpack and take out the collection of ingredients for the spell.

Mike takes the lead, entering the theatre, his face serious until his eyes find mine and they sparkle before hardening. “Find the vampire Billie. Find it now and do the spell.” I nod, the urge to please Mike overwhelms me as I rush forward, sensing that he vampire is close.  

Walking in further, I lead Mike through the theatre seats, seeing a hunched figure shaking. Snarls, hiss and gasps gets louder the closer we get.

I smile at Mike before winking and turning invisible. He knows what to do.

I walk behind the creature, the close I get the more I see that this vampire is weak. His eyes are blood red, his skin pale and pealing. His fangs are abnormally long, dripping as his nose twitches in the air.

He snarls, shakily getting onto his feet, turning towards my invisible form. The creature looks savage, driven mad from bloodlust.

“Over here you undead bastard!” Mike punches the vampire hard in the face, causing him to fall backwards. He turns, spitting at Mike as he shivers, rage filling him. The vampire lunges at Mike, clawing for his throat.    

Anger engulfs me as I watch the creature repeatedly try to attack Mike who is desperately trying to beat it. I leap onto the vampires back, my arms wrapped around its torso. Just like last time I read from the book, I can feel myself turn smoky as I cover the creature in thick black smoke, suffocating it.

Mike grabs him into a strangle hold as I reach into his mouth and rip out one of his fangs. It’s blood starts to flow from its mouth, the vampires tongue desperately attempted to lick up all of the liquid escaping from the hole in its mouth.

Jumping off the creature, I feel myself solidifying and becoming visible again as I snatch the ingredients I needed to bring back my beloved Mikes powers.

 Putting them all together, I open the book, reading out the words on the page.

The books power spreads through me, setting fire to the ingredients. My eyes close as the words spill from my lips. “Bring back the power. The power inside. Bring back the power. The power which hides. Free this man from this hell. Free this man with this spell. The power of these objects and the power of my blood, I give thee thy power back! I demand the gods above to give the powers back!”    

Screaming out the last words of the spell, I can feel the energy flowing out of me, hitting Mike. His body shifts and grows. He briefly closes his eyes as the power fills his body.

Opening them again, he throws the vampire to the floor, a hideous smile stretches Mikes face, his eyes twisted with power and rage as he straightens his arm, shooting electricity from his fingertips directly to the creature on the floor.

My heart speeds up as the power of his electricity bashes into me, causing my smile to expand on my face.

I did it! Mike is back! He finally has his powers back!

After the vampire turns to ash, Mike turns towards me, grabbing my arm and pulling me towards him. His eyes have a crazed look to them, his smile twisted, as I can feel the strength of the power within him. Looking into his eyes, fear threatens to steal me away.

The power of the book pulls me away from fear, filling me with courage and strength, as I smile just as mad back to Mike. Pulling him down to me, I crush my lips against his.

Mike pulls away, his face deep in concentration as he moves to my side, his eyes elsewhere.

“Mike, what is it?” Grabbing his hand, I give him a gentle squeeze.  

“Someone’s here.”

In a matter of seconds, Mike shields me with his body as he shoot bursts of electricity across the room. Sneaking a look past his body, I feel myself stiffen and my eyes go wide.


“Step back Billie!”

My eyes look over to the man that looks exactly like Mike… what is going on? What is happening?

My head starts to feel heavy, my heart clenching. The pain in my chest tightens and my eyes go dizzy. What is happening?

Blood slowly trickles from my nose but I wipe it before anyone can see.

My Mike starts to charge, fuelling his body, readying himself to attack the other Mike. As sudden as lightening, Ash appears, adding to my confusion. What is he doing here? Is he okay?

I glance at the other Mike, my emotions running high. How am I trust him? Should I trust him? He looks like the Mike I remember but so does my Mike... I'm confused!

His eyes widen. “I know where Jade is!”

I run in between the two Mikes, my hand outstretched. “Stop! Where is Jade-” I stop mid-sentence as my eyes lock onto the women next to the other Mike and then harden to slits. Anger fills my body, feeling the power from the book still in my system.


Balling my hands into fists, I ignore Ash trying to talk to me as I step closer to the girl who is clutching the other Mikes arm. “Get your tucking hands off of Mike!”  

The End

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