Mike Terith

The morning came sooner than expected and grey light was filling the room. Emma was Snoring loudly from my bed. Her face nearly beside mine as she had contorted her body in some impossible position on the bed.  My shoulders ached in pain this couch was hardly what I would call comfortable. I got up slowly I mind as well give her a few more minutes to wake up. As I did start moving around and was changing my shirt I noticed she was awake watching me her face gone a light shade of red.

"What?"  I asked feeling the sweet sweet feeling of successful revenge.  She looked away briefly before getting up.

"Nothing. There's nothing wrong about looking at someone else in the nude."

"Unless you don't know em and your watching from you window across the street." I said.

"Yeah but we know each other. Besides neither one of us should have bodies were ashamed of." She said cheekily grabbing the bottom of her shirt. Starting raise it up I turned around.  This was getting ridiculous my face was turning red again. Don't look, don't look.

"Okay, Okay you win." I said leaving the room, looking at the ground. Why did she do this?

"Of course I win. You would lose even if you wanted to win." She called out from the room.

I started a pot of coffee, before looking in on Raine who was still out cold.  They really must have done a number on him. I could hear Emma leaving the room, she was wearing a tight black shirt that revealed her slim but curvy features.  There was no denying she was attractive. I just hoped that wasn't the reason I was drawn to her.

"So were going to the hospital then. Grab a donation kit, come back here and revive your friend here. right?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Oh was just wondering if we had time to go somewhere nice for breakfast there isn't a lot here. Except coffee and noodles."

"If you want. I'm not huge about eating breakfast."  I said.

"Well if your donating blood you going to be. Lets go!" She said pushing me out the door.

After the meal we headed to the hospital. It wasn't looking good in there. Lots of people were in emerge with wounds , bite marks and the such. Emma did her best to ignore it as she continued on, pretending that I was patient and she was leading me somewhere to get past the other doctors and nurses. It wasn't hard getting the donation stuff. We hightailed back to the apartment.

"This might hurt a bit." She said sticking the needle into my left arm. It was a little odd at first having the needle sit underneath the skin, but it didn't take long for the feeling to go away.  Emma watched me and the donor bag every now and then.

"You sure he is our ally."

"Very sure. If he isn't I doubt he'll be up for much of a fight."  I said feeling a little light headed the bag was half full now.

"Alright that should be enough to help our friend here." She said slowly taking the needle out of my arm and getting me to cover it with a gauze.

We put the blood in a cup and started to slowly pour the blood into his mouth. Raspy breathing began to increase his body showing more lively signs. His eyes fluttered open he grabbed the cup and downed it. That's when he realized he wasn't where he used to be.

"Where am I?" He asked bewildered eyeing up Emma.

"Where in an old abandoned apartment safe from the vampires. Listen Rain I know your not feeling a hundred percent. But they took Jade. We're hoping you might know where they would have taken her?" His eyes widen he tries to stand up but falls back to the ground to weak to stand.

"woah woah take it easy buddy." Emma said placing her hand on his shoulder holding him down.

"Mike is it?" He said.


"They would be taking her to the ritual area. You have to get to her quickly."

He gave us quick directions to get there. and I began to gear up.

"Mike just rest a bit. When some ones donated that much blood they are asked to restrain from doing any intensive physical activities." Emma pleaded.

" I would but we don't have time. I'll risk it." I said ready to go out the door.

"I'm coming with you. Your going to get yourself hurt."  She said with concern.

"Fine then. It's going to be dangerous. I may not be able to..."

"I can protect myself." She said fiercely.  Leading the way out.

Emma drove us to our destination, and we embarked on the mission going through an old theater that had a hidden access that went deep into the ground. As it got darker Emma got closer as her hand wrapped around mine. I still felt faint, and lightheaded, maybe even a bit slow. The tunnel began to widen out leading to an auditorium like room the seats were empty I could hear voices coming from the other side. We ducked into the cover.  An electrical charge built up in my arms. The voices sounded familiar.

"one of them sounds like you." Emma says.  The other sounded like familiar as well. They came through the door. There was Billie,and the one person that you really only should see if you had mirror. It was me.

"Someone's here." The other me said.  This was not going to end well. I grabbed Emma and darted to the other side of the room. As several shots of electricity followed us. The last one I repelled with my own power. Turning to face them. Emma stood behind me. Billie looked at me then other me confused taking a step back a look of absolute shock and astonishment written all over her face. The other me was stunned to his mouth moving up down searching for words.

"Step back Billie." The other me said ready to fight, and if this little reunion wasn't getting surprising enough Suddenly Ash barreled in the room to. Almost falling over as he saw the four of us.  I needed to say something to Billie she was trusting the wrong me, but how was I going to convince her of that.

"I know where Jade is." I said quickly.

The End

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