Ash: Regular life...not a chanceMature

Ash Rivers

The rain thundered down as the train made its way into King’s Cross station London, it wasn’t often I had to come into the city but I couldn’t put it off any longer. My business needed some attention and I needed to focus on something right now. I gathered up my briefcase, straightened my black slim tie and stood making my way off the train to the busy platform.

It was busy even at this early hour; many were carrying briefcases like me, talking on phones, grabbing refreshments in the nearby café and I noticed a woman change her running shoes for some black stylish high heels to match her skirt suit. I made my way outside to my waiting black Jaguar, Theo had the passenger side door open and I stopped seeing a flash of colour whizz pass me.

“Rivers are you coming?” I heard Theo say, but my attention was on the girl that throws herself into the strong arms of her lover, dropping her travel bag and kissed him passionately.

I turned away and clenched my fist feeling my short nails dig into my flesh, “I’m driving.” Theo took my briefcase and hurried into the passenger side not wanting to get wet by the rain. I stopped before climbing inside and watched as the man picked up the woman travel bag, they were smiling despite the rain, then the man creased the woman face before bending down to kiss her.

I sat down slamming the door shut and started the engine, “where to first?”

“Two Fresh Production, our clients have been asking for you,” Theo told me looking at his paper work. “Then we have a lunch meeting with Mr. Davis at the Hilton.”

I groaned remembering the last meeting with the pompous idiot, Theo carried on regardless and as I concentrated on the driving my mind wondered back to the couple at the station. Did they know how lucky they were?


The rain never let up all day and neither did my mood. If my staff notice my mood then they didn’t comment, or dare. I was sat at my desk glazing out over the city, forgetting about the paperwork I should have reading and enjoying the peace.

Leon had called me whiles I was in a meeting, I wouldn’t usually answer during meetings but, as it happened Leon couldn’t have rang at a better time given that the meeting was with Mr. Davis and I made my excuses leaving the table.

I think Leon was surprised to reach me and explained how the hospital had called inquiring on Eve progress. I tried to call Eve but got nothing in response. Where the hell was she? I should never have touched that tree, I should never have listened to nature and I should never have let those people into my life.

Mike…Jade…Jade… I swallowed holding myself together. I let them down, I couldn’t save them.

A knock at the door brought me back and looked up seeing Julie slowly opening the door, “sorry to disturbed you Mr. Rivers, but your 4:30pm is here.”

“Who is it?” I asked running my hand through my slightly longer black hair.

“Mrs. Swift, sir.”

I nodded, Mrs. Swift came into my office looking prim and neat. “Mrs. Swift you’re looking beautiful as ever.” Not as beautiful as…

“Ash my darling it has been too long and you are looking as sexy as ever,” Mrs. Swift commented flicked her blonde hair. “That deep green shirt…hmm yes I like that.”

I turned round rolling my eyes as I made us some coffee, “have you got the storyboard or are your arties still working on it?”

“They will be here by tomorrow…speaking of arties what are these?” I placed the coffee cups on the desk and my eyes bulged seeing the strange symbols all across the paperwork from earlier.

“I…” How did I? The book…Billie…Oh hell where was Billie! She wasn’t at the house, so where was she? Leon told me last yesterday! I looked back at the symbols my head spinning; quickly I gathered them all up and pushed them down into my briefcase.

“Ash what’s going on?” Mrs. Swift asked startled by my sudden hast.

“Theo will continual the meeting, I’ve had an urgent message and I have to go, I apologise.” Then I left the baffled woman and dashing down the stairs. I loosened my tie, undoing the top button and saw the black Jaguar pulling up on the curb.

“Mr. Rivers where are you-

“Tell Theo to take over and any trouble to call or email,” I got into the car and slamming the car door shut and took off back home. Home to save the damsel.  

The End

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