The Last IngredientMature


I close my eyes, taking deep intakes of the oxygen around me.

"Hurry up."

I frown, opening my eyes to see Mike looming over me with a nasty scowl on his face.

"Sorry." I mumble, lowering my eyes. My hands trace the words on the page, my breathing hitched, my body eager to feel the power of this book again.

"This seems simple enough. I need the tongue of an owl, the eyes of a mole, the skin of a snake, the claws of a wolf and..." I stop mid-sentence, horror fills my body as I start to tremble.

Why do you have that stupid look on your face? You said it was simple. Those things are easy to find." Mike glares at me, his jaw tightened, his eyes full of hatred and disgust. My eyes fill up with tears, please Mike don't hate me.

I lower my eyes again, wrapping my arms around my legs as I stare at the book trembling. "The book needs another ingredient." My voice is dull, an empty feeling spreads through my body.

"What? WHAT?!" I jumps as Mike grabs my arms so tightly that I could already feel the bruises forming. He shakes me, bringing his face close to mine. "Tell me!"

I wince at the roughness in his voice. He no longer sounds like the old Mike. He shakes my body again like a ship caught in a storm

My voice is barely a whisper as I feel my body tremble.

"The fang of a vampire."   

The End

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