Anything For You.Mature

Billie Jayson.

I hurry after Mike, clinging to the heavy book digging into my stomach.


I struggle to keep up, my legs feeling sleepy from not moving in so long.


Branches scratch my legs as I stumble after Mike; where is he going? And why are we moving so far into the woods?


Mike stops in a clearing, I walk slowly around him. Being cautious of him, wondering about what he’s going to do.


His eyes are closed, his face peaceful.


I move closer to him, looking up into his face and remembering a different time, a more calm time. A time where Mike and I were living at Ashs’ with Ash, Jade and the wolves. It was better then…minus that Sarah cow who tried to steal everyone’s man from them!


If only we were back with them.


I miss them all so much! Especially Jade! And Frazz!


My hand reaches up to Mikes’ face, about to touch his cheek.


Suddenly, before I know what’s happening, his strong grip wraps my wrist sending white hot pain through me.


His eyes snap open.


I want to pull back in fear as terror grips my soul.


He has a mad look across his face; what’s he going to do to me?

He brings his face close to mine.


Deadly silence is stretched on.


He smiles, Mikes grip not loosening on my wrist. “Come on babe, I’ve got something I think we should try.”


He pulls me into the centre of the clearing, finally letting go of my throbbing wrist.


“Now, open the book, and read what’s inside.” Mikes smile grows and I think I find this more terrifying then when his eyes were burning into my skull moments ago.


I swallow deeply, sitting down slowly, an iron grip on the book as I pull it to my chest.


“Mike, you can’t expect me to…”


“Of course I can; because you will.”


I shake my head. “Mike, I can’t.”


“You can.” His voice becomes sterner, his smile still there.


“I shouldn’t. If you could feel the power this book has… It’s bad Mike.” And it’s mine, I think to myself. If I am ever going to read from this book again then it will be on my own account.


Mike lowers his head, the smile vanished and replaced with a depressed look.


“Oh Mike.” I get to my feet, walking over to him, desperate to comfort my soul mate. “I’m sorry Mike, it’s just that I’ve been through so much and I don’t think I can handle messing around with my –this- book.”


He nods glumly.


“I-I-I should have known. Should of known that you just bought me back to life because you were guilty for murdering me in cold blood.”


I open my mouth to protest, how can he think that? I love him! I’d never do anything to hurt him! Not on purpose anyway.


“I just wanted you to read out something for me as, since I’ve been bought back to life, I have lost my ability. I wanted to get it back so I could protect you but I get it. It’s okay Billie, do what you want. You only killed me the robbed me of my power.”


I stare at him.


Poor Mike! He’s been through so much, not me!


“Come on. Lets go.” Mike turns to leave but I grab a hold of his arm, pulling him back.


“It’s okay. I’ll do it. I’ll give you back your power.” My voice is soft, comforting. Mikes face lights up with his strange new smile again and this time I smile back, glad that I can help him in anyway I can.


I walk back to the centre of the clearing and open the book.

The End

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