Ash River


I gasped once then started to cough, my eyes dazzled and my body in deep pain. Something was wrong. What was going to happen? I managed to get to my unsteady feet, hearing the screams but unable to really see anything and then I heard the explosion people came running knocking me to the ground. Again blackness surrounded me as my weak body was failing fast…Jade…


I don’t know how long I was unconscious for, it felt like weeks to me but was only a few hours. My eyes burled each time they opened and when they did all I could see was her tear socked face screaming my name and the guilt feeling washed  over me unable to do anything as the vamps rip her away from me.

Leon was the first one to find me awake later in the afternoon; I had somehow got myself up sitting in my window, leaning on the frame with one bare foot out the window only wearing an old pair of jeans and watching the grey clouds.

“Your catch a death of cold if you don’t put shirt on.” I smiled slightly at his comment.

“I’ve had worse.” Leon came over then leaning against the wall. “I failed you.”

“Failed me? How?”  

“I couldn’t protect her. I went off on my own recklessly and I failed to keep her safe. Leon, I’m soo sorry this happened and I totally understand if you hate me.” The pain creased through me again reminding me of what I lost.

“Ash, nobody could have stopped her from going there and she knew what she was doing.They would have done anything to get her in their hands and she knew the risk of telling us. I don’t blame you for any of this.” Leon took a breath putting his hand on my bare shoulder and I looked up seeing the pain was in his eyes. “You went and did everything that you could to save her. But…They were just too strong this time.”

“I saw it all Leon. Everything. Every detail.” I hated this pain, I didn’t want it again and this time it would be worse.

“We’re here for you Ash but, we need to work out our next move and others and I have being coming with some plans. After all Billie is missing with the book…Sarah gone missing to and your cousins are out of the hospital but are nowhere to be seen.” Leon explained in a calm voice.

“I can’t deal with this right now Leon, just carry on doing something and if you need to leave then go I don’t mind.”

“I mean it we are here for you that’s if you can bear having three dogs around.” Leon halved joked letting go of my shoulder heading out of my room.

“Do what you want.” I sighed hearing the door shut.

Later that night I had a shower and saw a purple bottle, picking it up I smelt the open lid and dropped the bottle. I slide to bottom and felt my heart break. The bite mark on my neck began to tingle; I starched it concentrating on that pain and felt all of my emotions slip away. The hot water turned cold but I could only feel the hot tears that escaped my dark green eyes…     

The End

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