Jade Sapphire

The air was stale and chilly as I paced back and forth down the small strip of the room. When I'd woken up, I'd found myself in this place. It resembled somewhat of a dungeon and judging by the atmosphere, I bet it was underground - most vampire havens were.

Slamming hard on the iron door, my yells echoed down the hallway and I waited for someone to show. It's probably not a good idea considering I am in enemy's territory. But worry clouded me; I wanted to know what happened to Ash.

"Somebody get here right now! Or else!" I waited a second, hoping in the darkness that my call had been answered but I got nothing.

Punching the air, I sat down on the cool ground and hugged my knees to my chest. This was all just so screwed up! When had it gotten to being this way? The last time I remembered, I was just some girl with a semblance of a normal life. But then I'd bumped into Ash, Mike and Billie and my world just grew to be upside down.

But the bad side of it got to me more than the actual pros.

Sighing, I kicked the door hard, following the routine from time to time. The booming clang that reverberated through the air couldn't just go ignored, right?

And it didn't.

It was a whisper of wind in the still air that got to me. A stand of my hair flew and I knew someone was here. There were no windows in my room, no ventilation systems. So someone had come.

"Who's there?" I called out, my voice sounding strong compared to the timid one in my head.

That's when the figure stepped forward - a silhouette appearing from thin air. But the striking features of his face, the ones I'd thought I'd never see again.


The End

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