Billie Jayson.

“Billie….Billie….BILLIE!” A loud voice breaks through my thoughts, dragging my attention towards Mike. His eyes looks furious, suddenly filling my body with fear like a rabbit caught in headlights.


I swallow deeply; my eyes bulged as Mikes hands tighten on my arms.


My eyes lock with his as water threatens to spill from Mikes grip.


With a deep sigh, Mikes iron grip loosens, his eyes suddenly tired and his face weary. The fear soon disappears as soon as it occurred and is replaced with compassion.


Poor poor Mike, he has been through so much and I’m probably not helping.


He strokes my cheek softly, looking thoughtfully into my eyes.


“I’m sorry. I just don’t like it when you don’t listen to me. After all, it’s the least you could do, after you killed me and all.”


I opened my mouth to apologise, guilt flooding through my body.


“Now we are going for a little walk you and I. And you are going to bring that book with you.” A strange glint flashes in his eyes. Mike moves away from me, grabbing a leather jacket and heading towards the decaying door.


I rush to keep on his heels.


“Where are we going?” My voice is cracked, like I haven’t had water for days.


“Don’t ask questions just do what I tell you!” He spins around, face twisted in anger, making me jump out of my skin and feel the terror rush over me again.


“I’m-I’m sorry.” I mutter, my golden eyes flickering to the floor.


Mike pulls me in front of him and pushes me through the open door, my head grazes the door and part of its decay sticks in my hair. I wince and hold the nook closer to my chest as the brightness of the sun burns my eyes.


Mike pushes me into a car then gets in at the drivers seat, starting up the engine and speeding off down the road.


None of what’s happening is sinking in though, the sun is still messing with my head, making everything look blurry.


After driver for what feels like hours in silence, Mike skids the car to a stop.


He takes the keys out of ignition then turns to face me, his face different; a small greedy smile touches the corners of his lips.


Mike reaches over me, locking my door.


His arm slowly runs down my arm and squeezes my hand, Mikes face is inches away from mine.


“You should drink something.” He breathes, into my face.


It takes me a while to snap out of his hypnotizing eyes and velvet voice, to realize that he has placed a bottle of water to my lips.


I put my lips around the rim of the bottle, my eyes still locked with his, as Mike tips the bottle upwards. Cool water rushes into my mouth. I start gulping it, not realizing how thirsty I really am.


Strange. Whenever I am with you I always seem to forget important things like water when I’m with you.


He takes the bottle away from my mouth and screws the top back on the bottle.


I wipe the sides of my mouth, getting rid of the dribbles of water that spilled from my mouth when Mike tipped too much water in.


I smile at Mike, slightly unsure what to do.


He is so different now.


Changed so much.


Mikes lips hover centimeters away from mine.


The atmosphere in the car gets hotter, waiting for it to happen. Waiting for Mikes lips to touch mine.


“Come on, I have a job for you.” Mike is out of the car in a flash, leaving me confused and craving for him even more.

The End

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