Finding AshMature

Mike Terith

As I shopped I heard glass shatter a block away. I looked across, In curiosity to see what was going I saw Jade's face for just a fraction of a moment then the vampires took off her leaving no time for me to help at all. But behind them was Ash who was now on the floor unconscious.  I guess lucky for me I had bought the masks. I dropped the bag choosing the white an orange one.  Using a brief amount of my power to appear behind the vamps.

"Pathetic, this guy gave us so much trouble? I can't believe it." One of them said just before just before I slammed my heel into his face forcing him to the ground, and breaking his jaw and teeth. The Vampires were far to surprised to react as I punched his friend in the face knocking him back.

Come is that all you got?"  I said not recognizing my own voice as it was muffled by the mask.

The vamp I punched in my face used that uncanny agility of theirs, but it didn't stop me as I grabbed his hand. and gave him an electric current that would permanently addle whatever brains he had.  He fell to the ground shaking and convulsing. His friend with the broken jaw tried using some strange power but it was the end for him as I blasted him into nothingness with electricity.  The fight was over, and I grabbed the unconscious taking him somewhere out of public view. He was unhurt except say a couple bruises from being kicked. I could only assume he was placed under an illusion to the point of believing he was in mortal danger because of what I had overhead at the vampires lair.

Before I knew it I was surrounded by dogs, they were bigger than usual dogs. Oh great it was them, and they thought I did this. It was the werewolves, they started growling. I flashed around them trying not to reveal to much of my power in case they noticed. Hopefully they didn't recognize my scent either.

"I'm not the enemy! I was simply helping!" I shouted jumping away from claws and teeth."

They growled back not beleiving what I was trying to say.

"Fine then!" I yelled kneeing one of them hard, ad focusing mostly on trying to make them confused I made a circle of electricity that sent a flurry of light. With that I disappeared far away. Damnit even my allies were trying to kill me!

The End

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