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"we'll bring around the Endless night, and the world will be ours!" Was all I heard before I shot up right the half broken bed squeaking like mad, while I sweated pools of water.  That vampires voice ran through my head like a broken soundtrack, his voice far more creepier then what he said.  I got up and pulled on the only shirt that I had it was my first night here, and my first full day of memory that wasn't all chopped up and organized like horribly put together sushi. I grapshed the loose and dented door knob that shuddered under my touch noisily. 

"Don't come out I'm getting dressed!" Emma shouted from the living room. 

"Why didn't you take the third room?" I shouted back. 

"Couch is far comfier!" She replied. 

"Actually why didn't you go back to your own apartment?" 

"I already answered that Mike!" 

"That doesn't mean you have to live in this dump." 

She opened the door half dressed her legs completely bare, while I happened to be staring at the floor.  I stepped trying to force my eyes up. 

"What you do that for?" 

"Oh stop your whining , you wanted out a moment ago. Do you want in or out?" 

"Well its rude...."

"The shut up alright?" She said walking away with the door wide open. 

I stepped out after a thirty seconds passed hoping by now she was wearing pants, I could feel my face burning a deep red, and she laughed as I walked out. 

"Men are so easy to mess around with, especially you. You act as if its against human to see to much of the opposite gender."  She said while putting a pot on the rusting stove. 

" That's not true it's just....." I could see Billies face and i felt that warm feeling but yet I wasn't sure if that was right to feel that way," I..." 

"I'm sorry." Emma said before he could finish or complete his thoughts her smile fading as she turned her attentions to the stove," I checked your friend before you I went to bed a few hours ago. He won't be getting up for a while. Besides you should start thinking of a way to warn this Ash fellow he has a lot of trouble coming to him." 

"Yeah But I don't even know where to start with that. But I'm going to get some supplies and a few masks so we can harm the vampires without them finding out our identities." 

"Who do you mean by we?" 

"Raine and I." I said knowing she may not like that. 

"Hey last night I made it clear I'm helping you! And I will not let you go messing about with someone who might very well be this enemy your fighting!"  She yelled throwing the pot with semi hot water at me angrily.

"You have a life I don't anymore! Do you want that? What's it to you anyways if I disappear? " I shot back annoyed.  She turned away. 

"You don't remember a thing. Mike we were friends. I was Jacks girlfriend, then the night you disappeared we went looking for you but nothing. Then some strange things happened. A week or so later Your apartment was all blown up, and the only thing to be found was Jack's and Carl's bodies!" She was crying now," You don't remember them either do you? We were all close friends. I thought you were dead to until I saw you last night. But you lost all your memories, so I have yet to find out who killed Jack! The only thing I know is its because of those bastard Vampires! Not only that though Mike , I blame you. You could have warned Jack, you coulda said something maybe you coulda saved him. Fact is you did nothing! So if you think I still have a life then you're wrong! I lost my closest friends that night Mike!  Your all that's left of those friends even though part of me wants wants break your neck! I have reserved Judgement on you until I find out what happened that night!" unloaded on him her face soaked with tears.  I too felt the pain, was it I who hurt her this bad, did I kill Jack, and Carl?  

I gave her a tight hug as she broke down, and lead her to the couch,"I'm sorry Emma. I didn't know. But if you want to join me, I don't think things will get any easier." I said  Getting up and lowering her head down gently.

"I don't care anymore, I just want to find the truth to what happened and punish the person who killed them." She said through a mess of tears but still managed to sound angry.  I nodded getting up heading to the door. 

"You be careful out there Mike." She sniffled from the couch. 

"I don't think I will have any issues even my friends think I'm dead aside from you."  I said before leaving. 

The walk in the cold morning was helpful to rearrange my mixed and cluttered thoughts, but also saddening. What if Billie had been killed, I shook my head the vampires were quite sure she was still alive yesterday.  I moved my thoughts to something I could deal with. I needed to make it up to Emma even if it wasn't my fault that Jack and Carl were dead. I could start trying to stop protecting her from all of this. But something else bothered him, what if Emma was the enemy? What if the Vampires new he was alive and was actually making him think that he had control of his own  actions. 

"No!" I yelled shaking my head violently.

If they knew they probably would have tried to kill him now, or lastnight. No Emma is a friend. I turned my thoughts on my goals, I turned to right into a market. 

"First things first, clothing, food, Masks. Then I'm going to find a way to get a message to Ash." 

The End

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