The Lost Night. - sequal to The Endless Night.Mature

There're two mikes an evil one and a good one, both equall powerful. Orginally evil mike was well the orginal but something made him go crazy and evil, and he got killed. Luckily there was a clone and they tried to graft the orginals personality into the clone however the clone kept control of the body, and he was scrapped by the military and memories was wiped. I guess I should explain that a little better, A few brilliant scientist connected to vampires and under the influence of sprites they

Billie Jayson.

I start to follow the strange man from the room where my soul mate is in.

Where are we going? Who is this woman he talked about?

Who is he?

Why is Mike involved with them? And how does he know about the book?

A shiver of icy runs down my spine as this mysterious stranger and I head towards a rotting door.

Wait, what am I doing?

 I can’t just leave Mike after going through so much to be reunited with him after I was the cause of his untimely death.

 The stranger turns around, worry in his pale eyes.

 “Who are you, what do you want and where the hell are we going?” I hiss, my voice sharp as I feel a strange tingle travel through my veins.

 “She said you’ll ask a lot of questions, but all in good time.” His voice is smooth and he winks at me, enjoying my confusion.

 “I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what is going on here!”

 He rolls his eyes, trying not to laugh it looks like. With a shake of his pale face his eyes linger slightly on the book in my arms.

 I hold it tighter, my golden eyes narrowing in a deadly fashion.

 “Oh, I see what’s going on here! You aren’t getting your slimy hands onto my book! This is my book! Mine! And if you think you can trick me you have another thing coming!” I raise my voice, suddenly overcome with the feeling of rage and light headedness.

 Yet again, worry flashes in his eyes.

 “Billie keep your voice down. Try to stay calm…”

 “Calm? Calm?! Don’t tell me what to do! Don’t you dare!” I explode, dizziness kicking in big time. What is happening to me?

 “Billie he’ll hear you, please stop. We haven’t got much time now. Follow me and you will have all your questions answered.” His voice is rushed, eyes locked on the door where the other version of him and the other creatures are having a discussion with my Mike.

 A loud popping sound comes from the room followed quickly by another.

 “I have to go now but I’ll be back. Keep yourself under control, you’re turning into that black smoke again.” His smooth voice now ragged with anxiety.

 I glare at him.

 “I’ll see you soon sister.” With a soft touch to my cheek, he fades away into nothingness, leaving me standing there speechless.

 Two more pops come from the room, leaving me wondering so many more questions.

 I put a hand to my head, scrunching up my eyes as I start to count slowly in my head.

 “Billie!” A sharp voice breaks through my thoughts as Mike storms into the room, looking livid.

 “Billie where the fuck are you?! I swear that when I get my hands on you, I’ll…”

 “Mike I’m here!” I run towards him, my voice quiet, as I hesitate close to him. Fear grips me, worrying about Mikes’ anger and trying to think of ways that I can make it up to him.

 I place my hand lightly on his arm, making him squint in my direction, his expression suddenly relaxing.

 “I’m sorry. My body has turned all smokified. I-I don’t know what has happened.” He holds me tighter, almost too tight, eyes flashing with anger again.

 I freeze.

 What’s he going to do?

 His hand goes roughly to the top of my head then strokes down my hair again and again.

 I let out a long breath, finally relaxing into his strong arms.

 “Sorry I yelled. I can’t lose you. You’re too important to me. I need you.” His voice is now soft, soft like it used to be.

 I turn my head and smile up at him. Seeing, in the reflection from his eyes, that I have turned back to normal. Visible again.

 My eyes fill with happy tears. He needs me! He thinks I’m important! This must mean that he really does love me!

 I reach up to his face, kissing his lips softly.

The End

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