Phill grabs hold of my arm tightly and walks towards the door, pulling my after him. I wince but making sure not to cry out. No way am I giving this wannabe-Bond-villian that statisfaction.

We walk through the door and Phills men instantly walk behind us. I scowl at them, trying to think of a way to get out of here. So far, I've got nothing. No way am I relying on Bond to get me out, I know he probably will, but I'm going to prove to him that I'm more of one of the Charlies Angels girls then James Bonds.

I giggle a little. My god, I think I might be going mad with all this Bond and Charlies Angels stuff, strange that I don't care and am enjoying it. I giggle again and stop to wince when Phill tightens his hold.

We walk down the corridor and into another room with a large table and chairs around it.

Phill pushes me into a seat and sits opposite me with a crule smile.

I look around, bored, noticing that Phills men aren't in here. What is he planning?

I click my knuckles then start to drum my fingers on the table, thinking of what to do next.

"So, my dear, are you afraid?" Phill asks, his voice a little snarl. I roll my eyes.


"James isn't going to come save you you know. He'll come though and try but I'll catch him then."

I stop drumming my fingers and turn my bored expression to Phill. "Guess I'm the one who'll do the saving then." I say with a faint smile on my lips. Whatever happens I will not let Phill know that I'm scared.

"Oh really. I notice you haven't got any items on you apart from that ring. What are you going to do? Attack me with your make-up?" Phill jokes, making my smile spread.

"Oh, if I told you it wouldn't be much of a surprise will it?"  I say, playing with my hair. I look at Phill innocently with a large smile.

Phil smiles back.

"We'll see what you can do later then." He stands up and I do the same, making sure not to turn my back on him. "Until then you shall be a good girl." He says getting closer.

I raise one eyebrow. "A good girl?"

"Yes. You're not one to fight against me you know that. Now sit down and be good." He smiles at me and I smile back.

"Rather not." I say then jump and kick Phill hard in the face, making him fall back. "That's what ya get for trapping one of Charlies Angels. I'm not a good girl. Cya." I say and wink the run out the door.

Strong arms reach for me but I dogde them and run away down the corridor as fast as I can. I quickly look back and see no one follow me. I frown. Where is everyone? Why is no one coming after me?

I look forward, eyes wide.

"Oh shit." I mutter under my breath.

In front of me are loads of Phills men blocking the way with Phill in the middle, blood running from his nose.

Damn, I can't slow down and turn back in time now. I swallow deeply and see a door near me. I quickly turn towards it and run through into a room with only the door I came through and the windows are all locked. 

I turn back to the door but see Phill glaring at me.

"You'll stay in here. This was going to be just for James but as you are not cooparating you'll be here too. Such a shame, you could of been in a comfy room. "

I cross my arms over my chest and glare back at him.

"Bite me." I spit at him.

He smiles and shakes his head. "Tempting my dear, but I have work to do." He says and turns to walk out and close the door.

"Yeah, work meaning pretending to be a badass and locking people in rooms." I mutter.

"Actrually I was going to clean up the blood on my face before James got here, good impressions and all."

I roll my eyes again.

"Dude, no matter what ya do, you'll still look like the ugly git that you are." I say, my voice calm but my eyes deadly.

"Well aren't you polite."

"I know, goes with being able to kick your arse." I say, my voice serious, pissing Phill off.

He turns and slams the door shut, locking the door behind him. I hear his heavy footsteps walking away from the door. I sigh, looking around.

"Well, this will be fun." I mutter, going to the windows, thinking of a way out.

The End

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