James: Little research, less plan making, and mostly bustin down doorsMature

I manage to touch the tips of May's fingers, just as she screams my name before the mirror disappears along with her. I get upset and worried quickly but calm my self knowing that I had Phill's stupid thing. I just had to act quickly. I pull up the the mirror which was also labeld as first lost item.

After the incident with Tim's son James it take lots of persuasion to get convince him to take the map and explore the region of creation. Tim came back half crazed holding a wonderful mirror in hand, a lost item, with a known mind of its ownSo I decided to talk to it as if it was like any normal human, learning that it had a language of its own, and emotion. Soon afterwards it revealed it had two amazing abilities mind control and travelling dimensions.  This would be an asset to my operation of finding the computer or gathering all item to make the computer/ or creator. So with many days of bribing we came to a deal that it will be made human,and given a proper life when the creator is formed or found.

I stopped reading so Phil had her, and I was going to do something incredibly stupid, but I won't let him hurt her, and if he as much as blows on her to hard I will rip that greedy little bastard in half! I grab the key, gloves, the sword on my back, and walk into the bright night of Paris putting my foot through a door, then I realized I was outnumbered and had no plan, and a good chance he may not be here anymore. None the less as soon as I waltz through the now broken doors bullets, and Phill's men scrambling everywhere. I use the right gloves energy burst to make quick work of the men with the guns but the guys with the items were prepared, and I ended up running up the stairs dodging various things as the marble cracks, and bangs beneath my feet. Good thing I don't work with Phill anymore because this gonna be one hefty party clean up to pay up for. The staircase falls as I make it to the top punching down all the rooms Phill would be in but he wasn't there. I reached the end of hall cornered by his men. I run dive for  a door keying it just in time but somehow it doesn't work and I'm on a ship, a military vessel with military men pointing assault rifles at me.

"Hi. Where am I?" I ask.

"He he, boss is good drag him under decks, and report to phone him up. Make sure the captain doesn't find him. We need to get on the right side of this guy."

So this is how he recruits men, through the army, and promising them money, good thing they don't know about items, and good thing they will bring him directly to the bastard.

The End

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