Mayen : Mirror Madness.Mature

"It's alright, I'm sorry for being an ass." James says and I laugh a little.

"I think that comes with being James Bond, legandary smooth talker, amazing agent and always an arse." I mutter resting my head on James shoulder and closing my eyes. I can feel James laughing and I look up into his smiling face. I smile back at him.

"So you think James Bond is up his own ass do ya?" James asks with a glint in his eyes.

"Yeah! He goes everywhere in his posh English accent...."

"You're English." James cuts in, his face showing the humor he's trying to contain.

"I know that, but he's a English snob! He goes everywhere thinking he's all this always says...

"Bond, James Bond." We both say at the same time trying to copy his accent and fail terribly. We both start laughing and I shake my head.

"He doen'st change his name, I mean, everyone knows Bond is 007! Yet he always wounders how they knew. And I swear he'll have aids by now with the amount of women his been with! That's just saying all English men are sexdriven. Okay, some are but c'mon! Give us English a break." James bursts out laughing.

"God, you can go on about a subject when you want to."

"Yep. That's me. Mayen Blue, never shut her up when she is going on about something or something. The names needs a little work." I saytucking my hair behind my ears.

"A little? So if you have all those reasons not to like Bond, why do you call me him?"

I start to laugh again. "You're a different kind of 007. A cooler kind. One that don't gos after the first thing on legs. And one that can't handel a drink. Never mind shaken not stured, you're sticking to water." I laugh and playfully push James arm.

He laughs as well. "Well the story would of been different if someone didn't hand me a beer. All that pressure tut tut tut." He says smiling down at me.

I look at him "Peer-pressure!" We say at the same time, making me laugh again.

We sit there for a while longer in eachothers arms just making up really crap jokes, to see who laughs the most. I yawn and strech out then rest my head back onto James shoulder.

"You're tired." He mutters into my hair. I shake my head.

"Nah, I'm....not." I say between yawns whilst my eyes are closed.

"C'mon you. C'mon, lets get you into bed." Jaames says getting up and going red as I laugh. "I.I didn't mean..." I laugh even louder, cutting him off and getting to my feet.

"Your reactions are priceless! You go so red, it's realyy, really......cute." I say with yet another yawn.

I can see him going red again and I laugh a bit as we walk out of the bathroom. Suddenly James freezes, eyes wide and all signs of humor gone. I frown at him and keep walking, turn and freezing when I see what he's looking at.

"May run!" James says as he grabs one of his items, I look around frantically. What am I suppost to use against a bloody mirror?

I run towards the bed and snatch up the sword item that I got from the crazy guy. I hold it out in front of me and it turns into an axe, I smile at it.

"May! Get away from it!" James shouts, bringing me into focus and sure enough the mirror is flying towards me quickly. I yelp and jump onto the bed and over it, running back to the bathroom while James tries to give me the key from the other side of the room.

The mirror comes at me again and I leap out of the way towards James.

"Are you okay?" He asks in a worried tone, eyes still on the mirror.

"Over the moon." I say as brightly as I can but knowing it probably sounds flat.

Suddenly the mirror disappears, James quickly turns around, trying to see if it really has gone. After a while he turns and smiles at me and I smile back.

I take off my watch necklace and put it on the side table, I do the same with the rest of my jewlery apart from my protection ring that James gave me.

"Earlier, why were you going through my wallet?"James asks, putting down his items on the othe side table.

"Oh, no reason." I say lightly. Okay what's worse him thinking you are a nosey thief, or that I put the money for the ring back in there?

I start to walk around the bed, towards James.

"I put something in there." I say with an innocent smile. James lifts up an eyebrow looking confused and slightly amused.

"And what was that?"

I chew on my lip. "Well if you hadn't put it in my jeans then I wouldn't of put it in your wallet." I blurt out then realise that the only thing that could be is the money.

Jamews laughs a little. "Will you ever stop giving me back the money? You can be really sneaky at times, you know that?" He says shaking his head, amusement shining through his green eyes. I laugh a little too.

"Yeah I know, I'm just too smooth for Bond. Whenever you give the money to me, I'll give it right back." I say and wink at him, making him laugh again.

"Mayen Blue, what am I going to do with you?" James smiles lazily at me. I giggle and shrug my shoulders.

"I dunno 007, you're the boss."

"Oh really? Okay then, if I'm the boss then you'll have to take the money back with complaint and you are not to give it back." James smiles and I shake my head.

"I meant, you're the boss until ya make decisions like that. Then I'm the boss." I smiles brightly at James at he laughs, shaking his head.

"May, you.... Mayen look out!" James says and tries to grab me but I've already turned my head back and I can see the mirror right behind me. "Shit." I mutter and turn back to James. We both reach for eachother but the mirror has this sort of hold on me, pulling me into it.

James fingers touch the tips of mine but we can't get a good enough grip and I'm falling back into the mirror, "James!" I scream just as he fades away...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _

It's darkness, everywhere. It feels like I'm floating but also sinking. Inside the mirror it's strabge, it's like when Alice from Alice in Wonderland fell through the rabbit hole.

I look down at the ring James got me. Oh, I hope he's okay and doesn't do anything stupid. Afterall, he's just been patched up again. Suddenly the place (if ya can call it a place) lights up and I can see something in front of me. It looks like a blurred picture slowly zooming in and coming into focus.

I lean forward to see more clearly then it feels like I'm being tipped towards the picture, like water running down the drain.

I fall out with a thump on the floor.

"Ouch. I'm not paying for that transport, bloody uncomfitable." I mutter as the mirror disappears. I get off the cold dark floor and look around. I rub my arm where I fell onto it. "That's gonna hurt in the morning." 

A man chuckles from behind me.

I quickly turn towards it. The figure is the one from the picture and he looks like someone but I can't put my finger on it.

"And so we meet again. What, no James? Pitty." The man laughs again, stepping forward towards me with a horrid smile on his face. "You're another one of James girls...."

"Hiya. I'm May by the way, not 'one of James girls', this isn't charlie angels." I cut in, trying to break up my nerves with a joke or two. Hmm, charlies angels, I'll have to remember that one to tell James. That's if I see him again....No, I will see him again!

"Okay.I see you have a sense of humor. Good to know this isn't a film May. This is very much real life. I'm not your typical film villian. I'm the real life one." He holds out his hand. "I'm Phill."

The End

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