James: worryMature

By the time I unlocked the damn hand held computer I was too tired to bother reading the thing so I walked back inside, where I see May off in the corner of the room.

"Hi May what you doing over there?" I ask but she doesn't respond just walks by me looking upset, and walks into the bathroom where she stays for quite a while. So I leave her alone for a while looking through my friends trying to keep myself occupied, but after a while I got concerned and walked into the bathroom she was sleeping in the bath tub her face wet from tears, but at the same time she looked so comfortable. I sat up on the  counter.

"It looks comfortable in there. Can I join ya?" I say loudly enough for her to wake up. She looks up at me her face red, then turns away from me.

"Go away!"She says, I can hear the hurt in her voice, I jump off the counter and put my hand on her shoulder turning her around.

"What did I do or say last night?Did I hurt you somehow?"

"I said go away! Ya idiot!" She says turning back into the tub. I slumped my back on the tub sitting on the floor.

"So I did, didn't I?" I ask, " I'm sorry for whatever it is.... I didn't mean it." wishing I could make things better.

"It's not as much as what you said as much as what you said today, and..." She was holding something back but I wasn't going to pry to hard.

"Does it have something to do with what last night?" I ask.

"Why do you care? Your probably will hurt me anyways!"

"May. May I don't have any intentions of hurting you in anyway, please tell me, I can make things better if you just tell me."

"Is that what you said to Alice!?" She says with anger, and she hit quite a nerve, " Is that why she isn't with you now?!"  My eyes hit the floor tears climbing around the edges.

"Alice never left May, she she got killed." I say sadness in my voice.

"Oh." She said, " I'm sorry."

"Thanks." I pause for a moment," So what did I say last night?" then she pauses for a moment.

"You said You know May I like you, more than any girl I have ever met, and its not cuz I have seen you naked."

"Well partially but still you the nicest person ever."  I finish remembering that I had said that.

"And the way you've been acting today, I'm not sure if you meant that or not."

"I meant it, I just don't remember saying that May. I'm sorry, if you felt the same way and I've been so cold towards you it's just I seen so much death around these things. I'm hesitant." I finish and she gets out of the tub and plops down beside me.

"I'm sorry I went through your wallet, that's how I figured about Alice." She says surprising me with a hug, I hug her bag tightly.

"its alright, I'm sorry for being an ass."

The End

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