"Broke, what again?......Oh my god are you alright?! You know what, screw it I'm taking you to the hospital whether you like it or not!" I say grabbing my car keys and putting James arm around my shoulder, helping him up and over to the door.

I speed off away from the motel with James in the seat next to me. My eyes keep flicking from him to the road and back again.

"Will you calm down May, you're driving like a madman." James says with a chuckle. I scolw at him and carry on driving. I speed around another corner.

"Nearly there." I mutter more to myself than to James. Suddenly sirens go off and I can see red and blue flashing lights in my rear view mirror. "Oh shit! Not now!" I turn over and the police car parks behind me.

"Do you know how fast you were going miss?" The copper asks once by my window.

"Yeah but.."

"We can't have people going that fast around these parts miss, there could be an accident."

"I know that, but I was only going that fast because..."

"Driving fast has no excuses. I would like you to hand over your lisence." He says with a smug look on his face.

"Oh fuck off! I'll be at the hospital if you need me but right now I'm saving my friends here life!" I snap and quickly off in a red haze.

"Wow. Remind me not to get on the wrong side of you." James jokes than winces.

I smile a little, trying to reassure him and step on it.

We are soon at the hospital and the nurses put James on a bed while they put pressure on the wound. "Could you do this while I get a doctor?" The nurse asks me, I put my hands over the tissue and the nurse quickly walks away.

"I'm sorry." I mutter, not looking at James.

"You're sorry? Why?"

"I should of bought you here in the first place."

"I would of still broke them May..."

"Well I shouldn't of taken you to Italy and gave ya that beer!" I snap.

We are silent for a while and I swap the tissue for a new one.

"It's not your fault I can't take a drink. I do stupid things when I'm drunk, some of the time I don't even mean what I say."

My jaw goes tight as I try not to cry. Does that mean that what he said last night, about liking me, was a lie? I hope not but he did tell me forget it this morning...he must not like me the way I like him then.

A tear falls from my eye before James has a chance to ask why I'm upset the doctor comes and patches him up.

I wait outside as a nurse pulls the curtain and the copper from earlier comes up to me.

"Look here miss, you can't tell a policeman to fuck off. I'll have your liecence as I see you had no reason for speeding."

I frown and get it out of my purse. I hand it over just as James and the doctor come out from behind the curtain.

"Good thing you bought him here. Any longer and he could of lost too much blood and it could of been serious." The dotor says and gives me a warm smile. I smile back.

"Thanks doc for patching up this nutter." I say, elbowing James lightly, hoping that my feelings don't show. The doctor nods and walks off.

"Erm, well, you should have this back." The copper mutters and hands me back by liecence before walking away fast.

I smile and walk out with James by my side.


I open the motel door and go into the bathroom to splash some water on my face.

"I'm going to have a look at this outside." James says, lifting up the gadget he took from Phill.

"Okay, be carefull. Those stitches are stronger than the other two but they can still break." I say in a worrid tone making James laugh.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine." He smiles at me and I smile back. After a while I turn around and start to brush my hair. I watch James through the mirror as he goes towards the door then suddenly he turns and walks towards th chest of draws.

He takes something out of his pocket, I squint to see what, and puts it in my jeans pocket.

He turns towards the door again with a humored smile on his face. I keep brushing my hair like I didn't see anything.

As soon as he walks out I put down my brush and run over to the draws.

I open my draw and pick up the jeans where he put something in. I put my hand in th pocket of my favourite jeans and pull out a load of bills.

"That sneaky git." I say, a smile on my face. I put the jeans back and close the draw, thinking about where I shall put the notes.

I want him to find them and spend them, not to give them back.

I walk around the room and pick up his jacket, I go through his pockets and pull out his wallet. Ha ha, perfect. Hopefully Bond won't notice a few more notes added.

I put the notes with some others. Normally I would close it and put it back straight away but something catches my eye.

It's a picture of James looking at the camera with a handsome smile and a girl standing on one side, looking at him with longing and happieness in her brown eyes. This must be Alice. Jealousy runs throught me and I shake my head, making it go away.

It's not fair to be jealous, anyways, James said he never liked her in that way.

On the other side of James is a man about the same height. They look very simular apart from the man standing next to James is older, how old I'm not sure, but I can tell by his hair going a little gray and his face a little wrinkled. His skin is not as pale as James's either.

Nevertheless, James has the same green eyes, both pairs are beautiful, young with excitement but old with wisdom. I smile down at the picture, the man must be his father.

I turn the picture over to find another one of a young woman. Her skin pale, just like Jamess, and her eyesa dazerling blue. She's beautiful, her blond hair is in a messy ponytail and I can tell by her grin that she is Jamess mother.

I smile down at the picture as I wounder what happend to her.

I see some notes aswell and look through them.

Some are random notes, things to remember like birthdays and improtant events. I stop when I read a note on lined paper. There're two sets of handwriting but they both look rushed.

What you thinking about Jamie?

When I leave this boring place. You?

Well, I was thinking about the work. I'm stuck on the fifth question, I was wondering if you knew.

I'll have a look at it in a bit for you Alice. I haven't started yet.

I can see that. If miss catches you not doing any work again you're in for it.

This must of been written in class by James and Alice. I put it back and read the next one. This time it's just one handwriting; Alice.

Midnight. Outside mine.

There's quiet a few like that, once again stirring up some jealousy. I put it back and am about to put the wallet away when another note from Alice catches my eyes. I take it out and start reading it.

I hardly ever see you anymore james and when I do you're always distracted by those bloody items! You can really be a selfish git at times! All you care about is those items, you're obsessed! I thought, with everything that happend to your mum, you would give it up but no!

You go after them in your spare time and when you're at school or with me you're soo distracted, unfocused, on what's important! You couldn't care about anyone else! You totally ignore me!

You're shallow and selfish! I can't believe that I was ever friends with you! You don't even notice when someone is hurt, you don't notice any of their feelings because you dont care! ............

I put the note back, unable to read on. I put James wallet back into his pocket and sit on the window sill looking out.

I can understand where Alice was coming from. If I met James in a pub or something, he propably would be shut off, distant. He can be that somethimes and I quess you'll have to be when it comes to the items but it can be too much for someone.

I rest my head on the glass and close my eyes.

He propably sees me as a compainion. A person from the office. I think, after a while, he'll tell me to fuck off. Make up some story so he can go off on his own without anyone to worry about. Without anyone to get in his way.

How could I of been so stupid to of thought that he could of liked me more than just a friend? Hadn't I learnt my lesson last time I thought someone liked me back?

The door opens.

"Hi May. What you doing over there?" James asks lightly. I shrug and walk into the bathroom, not looking at him. I don't want to get hurt again. I've hurt people in the past and know it seems like I'm surpost to get hurt.

It started when my brother died. Am I surpost to live my life having nothing go right? Am I surpost to be a screw up? If I don't chase anyone away I get hurt because they always leave.

Why can't I do anythin g right?

WHy is it ever time I make a friend I have to ruin it in some way? The only reason some people call me thier 'mate' is because I know stuff about them they wish to keep private anddon't trust me if we fall out to keep the secret secret.

I sigh and lay in the empty bath. I close my eyes and let tears fall from my face silently.

The End

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