James: Regret in a gulpMature

"Don't worry Bond it's not shaken or stirred." May says, not quite knowing what happens to me when I drink, but I didn't want to appear like an idiot so she is going to learn why I hesitate at this even though I'm the one who is going to regret this more than May. I take a sip swearing I could feel the effects.What feels like an eternity later which was essentially only 5 minutes later May asks.

"Are you going to keep that thing till the next ice age or something?"

"Oh." I say taking a gulp, I could see the questioning look in her eye, just as the first sip of liquid confidence took affect,"There half done now, I was really actually hoping to save it for the ice age would brighten things up before I freeze to death." I laugh making no sense at all.

"Alright Bond your crazy."

"That would make sense I really should be sitting on a bed making sure I don't split these." I lift my shirt  to show her, then look over the edge of the boat.

"Yeah I saw those already James no need to impress."May says, and I look at her, and had the urge to hold her shit first symptom I feel really touchy ,and stuff.  I keep my attention off May, at least I still had some control, I'm doing better than usual, that's when I barf into the ocean, May laughs.

"You could have just told me you can't handle your liquor well."May says, I smile.

"What makes you say that?" I get up and sort of stumble, crap next is my vision then, I won't have to worry about a thing because I won't care, at least till tomorrow morning.  I finish the bottle hoping to remove the burning sensation in my throat. May walks up to me.

"I think we better get ya a place to stay then ha ha, this is why I can't take you anywhere!"

"I don't feel like going an-anywere." I begin to slur.

"No knowing you, you'll get into trouble." May reply  I start to sing something incoherent she stops and begins to luagh.


"Your crap at singing."

"Th th a- nk you." I say thinking I was standing up straight looking directly at may.

"You Know may I really like you, more than any other girl that I have met,and its not cuz I say you naked.... Okay maybe partially but your so nice, nicest person ever." I say leaning and managing not to slur forwards trying to kiss her but instead I fall directly into her, and I remember no more.


I feel a headache, a pounding headache, and faint memories of last night, oh this is a hangover I wake up back in the motel room, I make sure all my clothes are on because I really like to know I haven't done anything stupid. Okay there still on, that is good. Then I remember I told May I liked her which was the truth and I quickly turned red. May was on the floor somewhat awake.

"May? Did I say anything last night, cuz if I did.... Urm" Should I just say its true or to forget it?,"forget it?"

Was that a good move?Probably, I mean the less attached I or she becomes the better I don't want her to get killed. I get up and feel a wet sensation on my stomach red when I lift the shirt some of the blood was dry but its still running.

"Ah crap they broke again."

"Broke, what again?........... Oh my god are you alright! You know what screw it I'm taking you to the hospital whether you like it or not!"

The End

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