Mayen : Gatecrashing The Boat PartyMature

I took a big mouthfull of salad, thinking for the best way to answer. I swallow deeply.

"Well, my father wanted me to go into medicine so ever since I was little I have had something to do with that. My mother wanted me to go into law." I say and shrug. "Nothing else to tell."

I say taking a sip of water then carrying on with my salad. I know I'm not being fair, James has just opened up to me, not a lot, but at least he's given me some rough info about his past.

"My mother and father separted soon after I was born, they used to talk a bit but then they stopped when Father married her." I say, meaning my step mother. I look down at my food and carried on. "She used to put me in the newest dresses, take me to fancy balls, showed me off. It was all for show. She just wanted me and Ron out of the house."

I wince a bit metioning my brother. I look up and smile at James weakly.

"Basically all my life it was a tug of war. Medicine, law and housewife. I've realised shortly after meeting John that I don't want any of that. I want to travel, just for a bit I spose. Haven't a clue after that." I say with a bit of a laugh.

For a while we just eat in silence, James finishes his meal first.

"It's nice here, really warm." I say after I finish my food. James looks around the resturand and shrugs. "You know I've never been out the country before today?" I say, sitting back in my chair. James lifts up his eyebrows.


I smile and nod, it probably strange to hear that if your chilhood was full of going to different countries. "Yeah, when I was thriteen I was planning to go and get in my brothers plane before he left." I smile a sad smile at the memory.

"Why didn't your plans work out?"

I take my last sip of my water. "My brother stopped me. He saw me with my suitcase and he shook his head, saying it was too dangerous. I did what he said, I always did. No matter what it was." I look down at my hands, trying to get rid of the lump in my throat.

I can tell James was going to ask more but the hostess came over. I smiled at her greatfully as she leaves the check. I put my hand in my back pocket. "I'm paying for my half." I tell James stubbonly he smiles and goes off to the bathroom.

I frown and take out the notes in my pocket. Where did all this come from? I didn't have this not since I gave it to... James. I smile and pay from my half plus tip. I can see James coming back, I hold this notes in my hand, pretending that I don't have anything.

We walk out of the resturant well fed.

I look at James as we start walking over the bridge, how am I going to put these back? I link my arm with his and we look at the sun starting to set. For a while I forgot about everything, trapped in the beauty of the sky.

I smile down at the river than, making sure James is looking at the sky, I slip the notes into his pocket. I smile and turn around, my back to the sunset.

My smile soon fades when I see a figure walking towards me, I turn back and grab James arm. "C'mon Bond, lets go." I say, pulling James off the bridge to walk by the river.

I can see a boat a little big away from us. "C'mon 007, fancy a bit of deseption?" I smile at him as we walk onto the boat.

Heavy music is playing and the boat is full with young adults around mine and James age. The boat starts to move again, leavung John on dry land. I smile, a bit but instantly feel guilty.

I did over react, it was just all the shock of everything happening at once. I'll apologise to him, just not now. Now I want to have some fun! I smile up at James and wink, grabing his hand and walking further onto the boat.

"Come dance 007." I say, walking towards the centre of the ship. James has an awkward look on his face making me laugh. "It's not hard." I say taking his other hand.

I start to move, swaying my arms so James is moving too.

I laugh and he goes a bit red. I turn around when someone taps me in the shoulder. It's a couple of guy around 20 with beers in there hands. I smile at them. "Hey boys. Awesome party!" I say loudly over the music.

"W,wh,who are you t,two." One of them slurrs, he must be pissed and by the way the other one is swaying I'll say he is too.

"I'm May and this is my Jamie." I say, putting a hand on Jamess chest, pretending to be a bit tipsey.

"I,I don't know you." They other one slurrs. I try and think of something, luckily James gets in there first.

"We came with Drew." He says than puts a random drunken guy on the shoulder. "Isn't that right Drew?"

The guy looks up. "Y,yeah. W,w,wa,wait a sec. I'm not Drew." He slurrs than sways off.

James laughs. "Just like Drew. Has a few and he forgets his own name." The two guys with us shrug.

"Want a beer?" I turn to James, squeezing his hand a bit hoping he'll get it. He shrugs. "Okay, seeya later boys." I wink at them then tow James to the other side of the boat. I grab two bottles of cold beer on our way.

We lean over the rail and I pass James a beer, I open mine a take a swig of it. I look at James who is heistating over the bottle lid.

I start to laugh. "Don't worry Bond, it's shaken not stirred." I say winking a bit. James smile and takes a sip.

The End

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