James: EveningMature

I pay for the sunblock finding out that May had slipped them troublesome bills back into my pocket, I bet she did it when she 'bumped' into me. I will get her back, somehow.

"There ya go, sunblock." I smile passing it over, smelling some really elegant smells from a shop a couple blocks up, " I think we should eat up there. It smell's so good." I point in the general direction, while sliding the bill successfully into her pockets without touching her arse.

"Alright." She began to walk, I matched her stride, was this right? Why did I feel guilty that she was here with me? Maybe I naturally try to do deny myself happiness, maybe I should let go a bit. The hostess quickly gets us a seat at one of those damn small couples tables which I sorta dislike because they usually are wobbly and awkward. The hostess drops the menu's which I was damn glad they where in English because I hate this language, speaking and reading wise. I guess its hard to fit loads of languages in your head seeing Italian was the last language I attempted to learn.

"Oh that looks good." May say's getting my attention pointing at some dish.

"Get it, I'm semi wealthy." I smile.

"Ya but you act broke." She laughs.

" Yeah that's how you save money if you believe you're broke." I retort, picking some dish with shrimp, I only read it had shrimp and that was good enough for me. A waitress takes our order giving us glasses of water.

"So James, is this life all you've known your whole entire life?" May starts off.

"Yup, well not really it started when I was ten when my dad's friend passed his legacy on to him with the key. I decided to come along with him one night. We proved to be a good team so from there on out I did school, and questing for items, I guess I was smart but somehow this life is the only thing I feel good at."

"Oh, so that's why you get along with your dad so much?"

"Yup, well that's until I got out of school ,and we started doing some more serious business stuff sort of got between us especially when Alice came along." I say realizing that I was opening up a bit to much.

" Who was Alice, a girlfriend, or something?" May asks with something in her voice.

" Well I think my father saw it as a girlfriend thing, and I think Alice wished it to be, but for me she was a really special friend, she understood things way better than any of my classmates. Then we found this item called the map and that's where everything broke apart, I took the key afterwards." I said but with held what exactly happened.

"So where is Alice now?"

"In Canada." I say starting to understand why I feel guilty about May. I brought her in to the world of items where there is no simple way out, and I was probably going to get her killed to. My face saddened, May looked curious but didn't push the subject. Our dishes arrive after a short silence, then I ask.

"So what about you? What did you want to do, before all of this crap attacked you." I smile.



The End

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