Mayen : Sun BlockMature

We rush into the motel room again and I start laughing. "Oh we are sooooo doing that again sometime!" I say panting, sitting on the bed. James smiles, both of us breathing hard from the sprint out of there.

"You," He walks over and sits next to me. "I can't bloody take you anywhere can I?"

I shrug, an too innocent look on my face. "I don't know what you mean."

He smiles at me. "Oh really? Who was the one calling me 007 then laughing when Phill started talking?"

I put a hand on my chin and drummed my fingers on it. "Hmmm, I dunno. Anyway pfft you saying you can't take me anywhere, I can't take you anywhere!" I laugh as confusion sweeps over James face.

"What did I do?"

"Well, you kind of touched my arse and ya got a old French dude to think I was a stripper." I say laughing.

James laughs with me. "At least I didn't fall into his lap."

My face starts going bright red, making James laugh harder. I smile and look down at my hands. "C'mon." I say jumping to my feet and pulling James up too. "Lets go get something to eat. Shall we say Italy with help from help from your little friend?"

James goes to say something than shakes his head still laughing. "I meant the key." I say, getting redder.

"Yeah, sure you did." He says, getting the key out of his pocket and going over to the door.

I follow closse behind, taking out the bank notes from my pocket. He stops by the door and I accidently on purpose bump into him, putting the note back intyo his pocket without him noticing.

"Ooops sorry. I must be a bit light headed." I say steping back and putting a hand to my head. James laughs again and opens the door, we step outside and we're in Italy. I'm starting to really enjoy this life.

We walk along the river for a big, deciding where to eat. I can see James wants to see what he got from Phill so I quickly change the subject, looking up to the sky. "Damn." I say, looking back in front of me.

James turns around. "What is it?" He asks worried.

"I'm gonna burn in the heat with no sun block on!" I say, putting a hand to my head and give a dramatic sigh, making James laugh. "C'mon Bond, lets go buy some sun block and save the world once again!"

James laughs and we start walking again. "See what I mean, can't take you anywhere."

I smile up at him, squinting because of the sun. "Ya love it really." I say and wink at him making us both laugh and walk into the nearest shop in search for sun block.

The End

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