James: Let the cliche's runMature

" Don't worry double, O seven I got your back." May winks, making my whole entire over all mood to light and I was probably going to burst out laughing when Phill says his usually I have been expecting you James thing because he usually sets me up for these things. I shake my head and open the door. Phill sitting down with the man.

"I've been expecting you James." May giggles uncontrollably behind me.

"What is this cliche day?" I ask out loud. Phill raises an eyebrow as his friend stands up a cigarette in one hand a gun in the other.

"You've got to be kidding me?" I say a smile breaking onto my face smashing the dudes face in.

"Kidding what?" Phill asks.

"Never mind. Where is Tim, and your going to tell me all you know about the lost items, and more specifically the mirror."

"Maybe for a price." He grins," I'm not remotely afraid of you because you can't kill me because I have the information you so desperately need." I clenched the fist knowing he was right , and his price was going to be ridiculous. I grab his collar.

"I May not be terrifying but I can bring you to a place where no one can find you, and I know how much you need certain luxuries, you rich prat!"  He just smiles taking out the clicky item that makes people freeze I kick it out of his hands, and smash him to the ground a small hand held computer falling out of it. I pick it up it was a database of everything to do with Items , and people.

"Are you screwing around with me!" I yell pocketing it.

"Not in the slightest, I've been meaning for you to find that."

"Stop sounding like a master mind!" I yell tossing him across the room. My anger getting the better of me Phill just grins hitting the wall.

"Its hard when you are. But I have wasted enough time, but since your wasting it how about some crude hints, your father is at the entrance. As for the mirror, don't look into its surface or let it look at you." He said before a bunch of men went through the door guns, items and all. They attack may but a sort of shield emanates from her ring, but I knew it would only last as long as an item didn't come in direct contact with it.  I run towards her.

"Run and don't look back!" I shout, her eyes look at me concerned.

"I'll be right behind you!" I assured, she nodded and disappeared, from the men. I held the right glove lets hope these do just like the back says. I close my eyes feeling the warmth in my palm then releasing it making a hole the size of a truck in the doorway.

"Nice!" I say running out after May, my heart thumping hoping she was unhurt. She was at the bottom of the stairs.

"To the doors we have to get out of here!"  She smiles as I run beside keying the door and apearing back in the motel room breathing hard.

The End

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