James: décolleurMature

Surprised and dazed by the sudden hug from May, I try to lead us forward trying to remember Phill's favourite place in Paris.

"C'mon where to?" May's excitment clearly showing.

"Just a sec I have a few place that I have to remember looking at the french city landscape.

"Okay we have to hit a few high end hotels, La plaza Athenee, Hotel de lourve, and le Tremoille."

"Oh that doese sound quite end." May comments.

"Indeed, I hope everything goes smoothly, and to do so I have to visit my locker over by the eiffel tower.

"If I didn't know any better it would sound to me like you are taking me for some other reason." May says. I go red in the face slightly.

"No I just seem to attract irony."  I say a bit quieter, I turn around and key the door appearing closer to the eiffel.As may marveled for it I scavenged through my brain trying to remember what number the bloody locker number was. 7018, seemed to call to me so I opened with relief it was the write one pulling out a bag with a sort of suit in it.

"We should go up there while we are here." May says pointing at the top.

"So you could say you've been on it?" I luagh.

"Of course."  She smiles.

"Alright, maybe after Phill leaves this place he aint gonna be happy I dropped by. Lets go." I grab her arm without realizing it as I enter La plaza Athenee which seemed to be having very rowdy party. Yup definetly in Phill's taste.I walk towards the mens washroom.

"Sorry, its better I go in incognito, I'll be a sec." I say entering , and quickly changing, but taking notice of note in my pockets, May must have put them there. I had to get them back to her possesion. Walking out I smiled.

"Do you want a drink?" I ask looking quite nice in the suit.

"Sure." She smiles and turns towards the crowd, and I take the notes out trying to slide them into her back pocket when I bumb forward placing the notes in her pocker but also pressing hard on her butt. I go red instantly when she turns around with questioning look.

"I, I not perve you gave me . the er bank notes earlier." I say.

"Oui, décolleur!" A french man's voice heads in our direction, and I knew exactly what he was looking for getting even redder.  He begins talking to May.

"Jame's what is he saying? I don't understand." He hands her money," What?"

"Er May, urm, he thinks, your a stripped."

"WHAT?!" She says loudly falling onto the french man's lap from stumbeling. The man grabs her waist. She turns around slaps him hard throwing his money at him, then slaps me.

"Your a big Idiot for getting me into this!" She says half angry half something else.

"I." I gave up trying to make things right turning around to see Phill walking up a set of golder stairs.

"I know where he is." I say walking following.

The End

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