I roll over in the bed, I'm awake but I don't want to get up. Strange, normally I love to start the day. I stare up at the cieling for a while, finally, after getting bored, I sit up and squint around the room. Where's James?

I slip out of bed carefully and spot James on the floor, still asleep. What's he doing on the floor? Poor guy, he must be uncomfortable sleeping on the floor. If we are staying here we'll be taking shifts on who gets the bed and who gets the floor. It's only fair.

I look under the bed carefully, preparing to see the who attacked my last night, but he's not there. Where's he gone? I jump to my feet and slowly start to move around the room, looking for places where he could be.

I trip over a hole in the carpet. I land with a thud on the floor. "Ouch." I hiss loudly, forgetting James's asleep. I sit up and look at my bloody knees and curse. Stupid hole in the carpet...wait a sec, how did that get there? I don't remember a hole ever being here, if there was I would of fallen over it by now.

I scowl down at it and limp off to the bathroom to clear up my cut and get changed.

I come out to find James awake, examining the sword item. "The dude's gone." I say, James turns back towards me and smiles. "I know. I sent him to Antarctica with this." He says, holding up the key item.

I stare at him dumbfound. "You did what? Why?" I blurt out, why would he send a crazy man to Antarctica?

"He gave me the information I wanted about Phill, with some interigation." James smiles again and I narrow my eyes.

"Oh so it was you hwo made the death trap then?" I ask, shaking my head and smiling. James looks confused. "The hole in the floor, I fell over it this morning." I laugh.

James looks like he's about to say sorry but I cut him off.

"What;s the plan for today then? We're we off to?" I say, walking over to James.

"Well, first I need to talk to Chris about the lost items. You can sell or buy whatever there if you so wish, then we can head off to Paris after Phill who may have info about that mirror and others like it."

I nod. "Okay. I've never been Paris before, this shall be fun." I say, getting the few items I have together. James puts a hand on my arm.

"This isn't a game May. People get hurt being involved in this like this. People...people die." His voice is strong but I can tell he's remembering someone who must of got hurt.

I want to ask who but this is not the time nor the place.

"Well then, we'll have to take extra precautions then. We'll need all we can get and I think we should go to Chris's shop now, get what we need, sell what we don't, buying us more time." I say, picking up my items.

I look at James and see him smile a little and shake his head.

We walk through the bathroom door, the key in lock, and walk into Chris's shop with our items and all the cash we have.

I smile warmly at Chris, I like him. "Hello again, and what plessure do I have seeing you two again?"

I show him my boomerange.

"The boomerange item. How much will you be willing to buy it for?" I ask, buisness-like.

Chris looks down at it. "I thought this was distroyed years back. I heard it's owner died by..."

"Yes I know. But that's besides the point." I cut in, not wanting to hear about Rons death. "How much?" I ask him.

"75% of what the jacket was."

I look to James, not having a clue how much it was or if it was a good deal or not. James nods and I turn back to Chris. "Deal." I say smiling. He passes me the money and I pocket it. James goes over to ask about some more attacking items while I look around.

Ooh, what's this then?

I pick up a battery, hmm, I wonder what this can do?

I put it back and keep looking.

"May, come here for a sec. May?" James calls out, I turn around and go back over to the guys, my eyes sparkling with excitement.

"I want you to take this." James holds out a blue ring. I gasp.

"It's beautiful. The pattern looks like it's from egyptian territory, this must be old." I say, taking the ring and moving it around, looking more closely.

"I'll take that too then." James says handing out some cash to Chris, I quickly count the notes, making a mental note to slip that amount out of my own money into James pocket at some point, to pay him back.

"Put the ring on, it's for protection. It's not very strong but it's the best I could afford." James says, opening the door out to Paris. I do what he says and walk through the door with a wave bye to Chris.

As soon as James's through the door I give him a hug, slipping some notes into his pocket. "Thankyou so much." I say greatfully, letting go of him. James looks a little shocked by my hug, making me laugh.

"C'mon, where to?" I ask, shinning with excitement.

The End

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