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May passes out on the bed, but I stay up the small strange nap somehow keeping me energized. A few hours pass as I think about nothing all that special when I hear struggling on the floor underneath the bed. I pull on the rope finally seeing the guy face to face, it was one of Phill's man. I slam him against the wall.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" I ask angry.

"I don't know I was supposed to be watching you. Which was easy until I fell asleep then I woke up under your bed." He answers. I looked off in the direction of the bathroom, that mirror, it had a roll in all of this, and I was pretty sure what this guy was telling me the truth.

"Next question. Where is Phill?"

" Ha now that I won't tell you." He resists, I take the left hand which had the glove one and punch the ground which shook the room but more amazing obliterated the carpet and left a foot long hole in solid concrete.

"Now imagine that but on your face, who do you care about more your bloody boss or your own life?"

"He is in Paris." He says keeping calm, his eyes showing he was telling the truth.

"Good, I pick him up with my left hand, and key the door to Antarctica," Sorry can;t have you telling Phill i'm on to him, and I can't kill you directly." I throw him out and slam the door.

I look over at the bed May still sleeping comfortably, I'll let her rest, she looked so peaceful, and probably needed the rest. Things to do tomorrow first thing is ask Chris about the lost items, and if May wants to cell the sword item we could do that to then head off to Paris after Phill who might have more information about the mirror, or the lost items.  I look at  May before making my self at home on the floor, and I felt a ping of guilt in my chest along with a bit of warmth. I shake my head, to shake the weird feelings off.

The End

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