Mayen : Using ItemsMature

I run over to James. "My god James, are you okay?" I know it's no use, he's passed out. I look at him, my ear going to his chest to hear his heartbeat. It's slow but steady. I smile down at him a little.

I get to my feet and pull him by the arm towards the bed as softly as I can. With every step I take, I wince, hoping that I don't hurt him. I lift him up onto the bed, making sure he's properly on there.

I can hear a little click coming from  behind me, I turn and see the door still open. My eyes widen as I rush over to close it, someones on the other side. I take the key and hold it tightly, trying to close the door but it won't budge.

Suddenly it's pushed open and a man walks through, he glares at me and closes the door behind him. I walk away from him slowly, never taking my eyes off of him. The man starts coming at me with a knife.

I stare at it, my eyes widening as it becomes bigger and bigger until it changes into an axe. A scream passes my lips as I jump out of the way, missing the blade by millimeters.

The guy comes at me again, his eyes widen and with the same patten as the mirror.

I jump out of the way again, fear trying to take over but if that happens I'll become reckless. I mustn't become reckless.

I hold my necklace watch tightly and I open it so I'm looking at the cloaks face. My hands are shaking with fear and the man's running at me again. I hold the watch tightly, closing my eyes. If only I could of put something here to help me now.

Suddenly I'm in the motel, but James and the crazy man aren't. I look around puzzled and I see are bags still here. What happend? I look down at my watch and smile.

Thank god, I've gone back in time. I quickly search through the bags and pull out the boomerang item that was once my brothers. I smile and put it by the bed, I look around quickly, making sure everything's okay than hold the watch again, thinking about where I last was with the man running at me....

Suddenly I'm back in my rightful time zone. I smile, glad that I can work the watch, but that quickly fades as I realise the man is getting closer to me. I run towards the bed, hoping that the crazy dude won't go after James.

I slide across the floor as the man takes another swing at me. I snatch up the boomerange and hold it tightly as I croach under the bed. The man turns around trying to find me, I smile and move closer to him.

His feet are right by the bed, perfect for me to get him. I make a circle in front of me with the boomerange and flick it towards the guys feet. A rope suddenly appears around the man feet and pulls them back towards me.

I slide away from under the bed, the man still trying to get free. I stand in front of him and through the boomerange. I hits him on the head than comes back to me. The man with the mirror-pattern eyes is now covered in rope, unable to move.

"Thankyou Ron." I mutter as I snatch up the crazy guys axe item and it quickly turns into a sword. I frown at it, wondering what to do know.

I can hear James stirring. If he sees the man awake, he'll go after him or something and that wouldn't be good for his condition.

James sits up and rubs his head, confused.

I quickly hit the man on the head with the blade of the sword, knocking him out. I smile and walk over to the bed.

"What happend?" James asks.

"You, blacked out. Crazy man. Boomerange. Sword. Item. Dude knocked out. Wrapped up. Under bed." I say and lay on the bed, exhausted. James looks at me confused.

"Let me get this straight. I blacked out and a crazy guy came in..."

"With a sword item." I but in, sitting up and waving the sword.

"Crazy guy with a sword item and know he's under the bed passed out?"

I nod. "'Cause I knocked him out and I used the boomerange item to wrap him up." I say with a weak smile, is he going to be mad that the guy is under the bed?

Suddenly James smiles at me and then pulls me into a tight hug.


"Well done May." James says letting go of me. I know I'm blushing bright red.

"It was nothing really." I mutter, lowering my eyes.

"Well that was a good nothing than. We should see who this guy is and why he tried to kill you." James face darkens a bit as he says that.

"I don't think he knew what he was doing, his eyes were the same pattern as what I saw in the mirror." I can see James trying to think all this through, seeing what it could mean. "Anyway, in your condition you should get some rest. You've just passed out and you're still recovering from a bullet injury. We should both get some rest." I say stubbonly, with a yawn at the end.

All this staying alive stuff can be real good way to make ya tired. I lay down on the bed and close my eyes, soon I'm off to a dreamless sleep.

The End

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