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I put everything I had packed which wasn't very much against the wall of the motel , not sharing to many words with May. When there was nothing left to be done, may started talking to me.

"Are you upset with me?"

"No, I just... That took a lot of courage to stand up to your dad. Its just one day and probably not soon you will regret the dissatisfaction that you two shared. Its seems like your dad loves you in his own strange way. Just next time you see him say goodbye trying to be civil to him, or else you'll regret it. Sorry it's how I feel now about my own father, right now." I say remembering the anger towards him and the curses I said before turning the door to only place I can go when everything had gone bad.

" Well you've never lived with that crazy man! You could never understand!"She says with anger and rightly so.

"No I might not, but I say this from my only experience." I mumble heading towards the door.

"Where are you going?" She asks losing all of her anger.

"To the shop of miracles." I say just above a whisper.

"I am coming." May says stubbornly, I break a smile.

"Didn't say you couldn't."

"Oh, you just seemed like you wanted to be alone."

"I've spent far to long by myself." I say," Come on I'll introduce you to Christian Marks."

"Who is that?" She ask.

"Pretty much my uncle even though we are not even closely related, and pretty much the safest dealer when it comes to dealing with Items." I say keying the door back to the shop of miracles.

"Back so soon. Any luck?" He says not having to look up at me but like he had the scent of a cat he looked up noticing May,"You bought a friend. That is surprising." He said avoiding the very topic that would make things unbelievably awkward,"What would your name be?" He asks kindly.


"And how long have you known James here?"

"Chris, pleasantries can wait, I need a weapon based item." I interrupted his investigation of May, not needing him to tell her my life story in turn. Not that it was to dark, but just better left untouched in my opinion.

"Ahh, I heard about your contact with him. Knew you would be dropping by soon, anyways what you looking for blade, projectile, strength or multiple."

"How much is multiple?"

"Beyond what you can afford. how about this." He says throwing over a pair of gloves," These are a combination of projectile ,and strength that you might be able to afford. The right hand gathers energy can release while the left improves your agility and strength."

"How much?"

"Twice the price as the jacket."He grins.

"Fine." I pay up knowing it was a fair deal even though I hadn't really wanted to spend that much." I look at May who was looking down the backroom with curiosity and concern.

"May are you okay?" I ask.

"Uh." She snapped backed from wherever her focus was," I think I see an item that was in my dads room back there."

"What." Chris says walking back into the room, "What the hell? where did this damn mirror come from?"A flash goes off and Chris's figure disappears. I jump the counter the mirror he was talking about gone as well.

"This isn't good. We have to get back to the motel now." I say urgently locking Chris's place up before leaving into the room.

"Whats going on?" May asks.

"I think I know but first back to the room." I say opening the door and putting Making sure May gets into the room before me. I slam the door shut.

"So what the hell is going on?" She demands.

"The Mirror is an item that I that is defined as lost."

"Lost meaning?"

"Items with a mind of their own. They are supposedly none existent. But the fact its real and you saw it earlier worries me."


"In all lore about the Items, the lost Items are kind of bad things to come in contact with." I say as the bathroom lights up," Shit I run to close the door but never make it because I sudden feeling of tiredness has me pass out onto the floor. 

The End

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