I open my eyes to look at the cieling of my old room. I groan and turn onto my belly. I hate it here. I really really hate it here.

I roll out of bed and go into the bathroom, there I wash my face and look into the mirror. I jump when I don't see my reflection but something else. I frown at the mirror. My father must of changed this one with one of those items.

I look at it, trying to figure out what the colourfull swirls mean. There's lots of blues and greens, light is shinning out of the mirror but in some of the swirls they are dark. I shake my head and tear my gaze away from the item mirror.

I go into my bedroom and get changed into some jeans and a tight white top.

I walk quietly out of my room and go gently push open the door of the room where James is staying in.

I can see him sitting on the bed, deep in thought. I smile a little and pen the door.

"There's some clothes in the cupboards if ya want some new ones. Don't worry they're not my fathers so they have some sense in fashion." I say, pointing to the cupboard. I can see James is uneasy about taking any clothes from the cupboard and won't get up to go to have a look.

I roll my eyes and go andopen it, I search through some old clothes and stop suddenly, a lump in my throat comes as soon as my eyes lock onto a picture. It's a picture of me and my brother before the accident.

I was only 13 at the time when this picture was taken and my brother was 16. I smile through my watery eyes as I stroke the frame, remembering that day clearly.

"May, are you okay?" James asks behind me, making me jump and come back to the present. I grab some baggy black jeans and a over-worn red shirt.

"The shirt might be a bit tight but the jeans should fit ya fine." I my brothers old clothes at him and he catches it then winces. My eyes widen and I close the cupboard and rush over to him. "My god, are ya okay? I'm so sorry, I forgot. Let me see 'em stitches." I say, looking down at his shirt that he slept in last night, and trying to lift it up to see if I've damaged his stitches but James pushes my hands away laughing a bit.

"I'm fine, will you calm down?" He laughs, I smile at him, looking into his eyes.

"Not until I've see the stitches." I say stubbonly, my smile still on my face.

"Well, you're not going to calm down then." James say and smiles. "Now, will you let me get changed?"

I laugh and nod, standing up and turning my back to James. I can tell he's put on the baggy jeans and has now taken off his shirt, I quickly turn around to see his stitches.

I catch James off guard, making him fall onto the bed and me fall onto of him. We both start laughing.

"What did you do that for?" James asks, his messy blond hair in his eyes.

I can feel myself gettin g red in the cheeks but I'm laughing so much I don't care. "I wanted to inspect your stitches."

"So you had to jump on me to do that?" He asks, still laughing, as he raises an eyebrow.

"I didn't jump on ya, ya fell and bought me down onto of ya." I say, the smile growing as James smiling eyes sparkle as they lock with mine. Our laughter dies down.

"Yeah, yeah, you just wanted to be onto of me." He says than winks. I giggle.

"Yeah that was it, I'm the sort of girl who just jumps onto guy as they get changed." I say sarcastically, still laughing.

"Well, you did."

"Actrually, you brought me down onto of you, so if anything you wanted me to be onto of you." I laugh and ruffle up his hair.

"How did you ever find out?" James says, playing along with what I said.

"Well you seeing me back in the hotel naked was my first clue than ya pulled me onto when ya had ya shirt off so..." My voice trails off, both of us still laughing.

"You what!" Me and James instently stop laugh, our head snap towards the door where my father is standing, his face livid.

"Shit!" I mutter, quickly standing up. "Father, it's not what it looks like, James was just getting changed and I went to see he's stitches and then we fell and then..." My father cuts me off with a threatening glare.

"I know what I saw! And I deffinetly know what I heard!" My father spat, turning his poisonous glare back to James who is now on his feet next to me, putting the shirt on that I gave him. My father sees the clothes he is wearing and his face gets even redder. "How dare you come into my house and try to take advantage of my daughter! Then to make matters worse, you wear my sons clothes!" He spits, taking a step closer to us.

I swallow deeply. "Father he didn't try to take advantage of me..."

"Stay out of this girl!"

"No. Father, I gave him Rons clothes."

"I said stay out of this!" He yells at him, eyes blazing.

I stare at him hard. "No father I will not. James hasn't done anything wrong, all he's done is wear some of Rons clothes! It's not like he'll need them anymore..!"

I feel a stinging pain on the right side of my cheek and I'm on the floor staring blankly up at my father, my vision fuzzy. I put a hand softly to my cheek, to where he hit me, shocked.

"She's your own daughter and you've hit her! That's not right!" James explodes, his hands into fists, I can see that he's ready for a fight and so is my father. I try and get to my feet quickly but fall down again.

I shake my head and try again, this time more slowly.

I get onto my feet and hold onto James arm. "James, don't." I plead, my voice soft and quiet. He shakes his head. "He just hit you May..!" I put my hand up, cutting him off.

"I know. Please don't. For me?" I ask looking into his eyes. I know James has never backed down from a fight but hopefully he'll let this one go.

I turn to my father and scowl. "You, get out of this room!" I say, pointing to the door. My father looks taken back,

"You can't tell me what to do in my house Mayen Julie Blue Richards!" He spits saying my full name. I wince, "I'm not a Richards anymore, not since the day of the accident. Now get out of here, you have no right to be in Rons room. He never let ya when he was alive and I'm sure he wouldn't like ya to be in here now!"

My father opens his mouth to argue but I carry on.

"He hated ya when he was alive, just like I hate ya now! Now be gone! Ya have no reason to be in here!" I say, holding my head up high as I stand my ground.

The old doctor walks out of the room, shocked and defeated.

I say, feeling tired. James puts a hand on my shoulder but I have no time to relax. I turn to him and smile weakly. "Pack your bags, take the clothes that you'll need. If fact, take whatever ya need, Ron would of wanted ya to." I turn and walk out the room.

I quickly go into mine and start packing. I take everything that I'll need and I go into the bathroom and take the small, strange, mirror thing. I walk out the bathroom to see James in my room with some bags and the picture in his hand.

He passes it to me and I put it in the closest bag to me. I look up at him and smile more brightly.

"I've got most of the medicle surple, don't worry, he won't need it." I say and pick up the bags on the floor. "We should hurry up and get out of here before my father comes up here again. This way, we can leave." I say and hold onto James hand.

He smiles weakly at me, I can see something's bothering him, maybe it's because I have a father and I'm walking out on him when James hasn't got one at all, he might think of it as wrong. Or he's thinking about something that was said in the arguement.

James has the key in his hand and we walk over to my door.

"Where do you want to go?" He asks, his eyes full of concern. I smile at him.

"Lets go back to the motel."

James puts the key in the key hole, turns in and opens the door, we walk into Room 25 of the Mayapril Motel.

The End

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