I hoped Mayen was okay staying here atleast the night there wasn't many options of places to go to get myself patched up safely, As soon as morning comes I'm sure I'll be fine anyways so I can go, and I will bring her where ever she wants to go,because it seems she doesn't want to be anywhere close to here, and I can understand that from what i've both step mother and father seem fairly overbearing. I rolled over in bed my abdomen stinging like hell.  Also tommorow I want some Ibeproufen or some low grade painkiller. I whined in my head before falling asleep.

Morning came all to soon in my opinion as the sun shoan through window shining on my close eyelids.

"uh." I groan wishing for more sleep but knowing full well I was incapable of having it now.  I get up quickly however, and tidy the bed before leaving seeing Mayen was still a sleep , I check the time. Seven am, no wonder I don't feel like I've  had enough sleep. I sit down on the bed waiting to hear Mayen to wake up, I didn't feel to comfortable with her dad, and he didn't seem to like me much either.  So to keep my brain working I tried to piece together what my dad had gone off to or what he was looking for, or what may have happened to him.

One he may have been lost in time, but something told me that wasn't the case because he had the map with him. two maybe Phill had a deal he couldn't turn down and got screwed over. All in all I still had nothing, I had to see Phill again but somehow seeing without getting attacked, I also need to get myself a weapon item if I even wanted to talk to Phill.  About an hour later of deep thought I finally agree to set out back to the shop of miracles, when I hear movement in the room over. Guess I'll wait till she walks out the door.

The End

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