James: Feeling betterMature

I reach unconciousness when May slams the door to get away from John, I didn't like the guy but was my entire fault I was in this condition. My thought slip away as I'm layed flat somewhere.


Eventually I wake up hearing May talking with a male voice who seemed somewhat agitated.

" Dad this why I can't stay here, I don't want to be the person you want me to be!" May says.

" You would make good money meet a decent man, not one that get shot. Is he a mobster?"

"NO! He some sort of person who makes a living off Items, and its not like that at all Dad! Why do guys think when I bring a guy home I'm instantly with them. He just can't to a hospital." Mays says. I sit up feeling the stitches they were well done. I slip off the table and walk into the room where May and her dad was. The arguement dies down and appears to take place in there eyes.

"I'm James, and I'm honsetly not a mobster." I say holding out a hand.


The End

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