Mayen: ByeMature

John drags me out of the ballroom, once outside I turn and try to get back in but he stops me. "Move John!" I growl, losing my temper. He looks me square in the eyes. "No. You were nearly killed in there, there is no way you are going back for some guy!"

"Like hell I am!" I snarl the do a double dodge, getting away from him and back into the ballroom.

My eyes sweep the crowd, looking for James. Panic strikes me hard, what if he's not here? What if he used his key and escaped or what if those men took him? My breathing starts to come out hard and a pain rises to my chest.

I ignore it, still scanning the frightened people around me.

There he is!

I run over as fast as I can in my blue dress. As soon as I'm there I fall to my knees.

"James are you okay?" I ask frantically. He gives me a weak smile.

"Well, I've just been attacked and these bloody stitches have come loose, so yeah. I'm fine." I scowl at his tone. Lifting up his shirt as carefully as I can to inspect the injury John is by my side.

"Get up May the cops will be here soon and that's not the scene for us." He says, his voice calm.

"No, what you mean is that it's not the scene for you." I hiss, getting to my feet.

"This might hurt but hang on tight yeah?" I put James arm around my shoulders and lift him off the ground. I can tell he's in pain by the look on his face. "Can I have the key? I'll give it back but right now you really need a doctor." He opens his mouth to object. "Don't worry, we aren't going to a hospital. We're going to my fathers, he'll help you." I say in a rush.

James thinks about it for a while then nods.

"In my pocket." James says then winces. I bite my lip in worry. This is all Johns fault. If he hadn't taken me to this stupid ball this would of never happend!

I take the key out of his pocket carefully. I shake my head, we need to get to my fathers quickly or James will die due to lack of blood. I tow James towards the nearest door and hold the key tightly.

I think about my fathers house. The long corridors, the fancy wood work, the beautiful walls. I put the key through the keyhole of the door and turn it. I put my hand on the door handle, ready to go through but I stop when I hear John behind me.

"You're not coming." I say through gritted teeth, not looking back at him.

"Like hell I am."

I turn back and scowl at him. "You're staying here! This is all your fault! If you hadn't taken me to this stupid ball, that you know I didn't want to go to, then this would of never bloody happend!" I say, my voice breaking at the end and I know I'm close to tears.

"It's not my fault that this idiot followed us here!" John snarls back, his eyes blazing.

If I wasn't holding James I would of slapped him again.

"This has nothing to do with him, this is to do with you. You and your stupid gloating and your stupid showing off! All you care about is yourself, you don't care about others, you don't care if James lives or dies. And you don't care about me. Well, now here you have what you've always wanted! You are now centre of bloody attention and don't worry I won't be around to steal any of it ever!" I yell at him the open the door.

Inside I can see my fathers study with my father working hard on something, not noticing that we are there.

"May this is not wjat I want." Johns calls behind me.

"Bye. Hope you're happy in the world of John but I'm going and don't you dare try and follow me ever again." I say in a weak voice, silent tears are falling from my face.

I walk through the door, take the key out, and close it firmly behind me.

As soon as the door is shut my father turns around shocked. "Mayen? What? What are you doing here?" I carry James over to the coach and lay him down, already he is pale from all the blood he has lost.

"Not now father. I need your help to save this man." I wipe away tears and start getting the equitment ready to help James survive. With no more questions my father gets to work.

That's who he is. When it comes to work nothing else matters. That's how it always is.

I shake my head and help my father out.

The End

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